A family spokesperson told the Fulton Daily Report that a prominent Atlanta attorney accidentally shot his wife, a respected Buckhead executive, in the back while they were in a car riding through Midtown and after retrieved a gun due to a fear of possible carjackers.

Diane McIver died Sept. 26 due to a gunshot to her back. Her husband, attorney Claude “Tex” McIver, is saying he accidentally shot her while he was in the backseat of their vehicle on their way to their Buckhead home, according to family spokesperson Bill Crane, a public relations expert and lawyer and senior partner at Fisher & Phillips where McIver is also a partner.

McIver was president of Corey Airport Services, an advertising company known for its giant billboard on a smokestack in downtown Atlanta.

Crane told the Daily Report that a driver was taking the couple to their home from their Putnam County farm and a traffic jam on the Downtown Connector led the driver to take the Edgewood Avenue exit and through Midtown. Crane said McIver became worried about a possible carjacking and about the recent Black Lives Matter protests in the city and had his wife hand him his handgun that was kept in the vehicle’s console.

When the vehicle hit a bump on Piedmont Avenue near Piedmont Park, the gun in Tex McIver’s lap fired and the bullet traveled through the back seat, striking Diane McIver in the back, Crane said. She died in surgery at Emory University Hospital.

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The Atlanta Police Department has released only a brief report about the incident and does not identify who was in the car with Diane McIver when she died. The police are continuing its investigation.

Dyana Bagby

Dyana Bagby is a staff writer for Reporter Newspapers and Atlanta Intown.