Taylor Bennett   

Democrat, incumbent

Occupation: Attorney

Taylor Bennett

Elective offices held: District 80 state House since August 2015.

Other community service: Southeastern Regional Board of Directors for the Anti-Defamation League.

Q: Why should the voters choose you for this position? 

A: I’m asking the citizens of District 80 to place their trust in me once more because I believe that my experience and success as a member of the Georgia House uniquely qualifies me to continue pursuing creative, bipartisan solutions to the problems facing our communities.  I’ve worked across the aisle to improve our schools, expand and promote public transit, fight for women’s equality in the workplace, support small business growth, and defeat dangerous legislation like RFRA and “Campus Carry.”  The work remains undone, but I am committed to doing it in a way that rises above partisanship and petty politics.

Q:  What is the biggest issue facing the constituents you seek to represent? How will you address that issue? 

A: One of the biggest issues facing our community is how to improve education in Georgia for all students. We must ensure a quality education for every child, we must empower students and parents and we have to build better school-to-home relationships.  We must attract, train and retain quality teachers and then compensate our teachers for their dedication and sacrifice. There are numerous ways to accomplish all of these concerns, but we can only reach a consensus by bringing everyone to the table and putting our kids before politics and corporate interests.  I’ve sought to be a consensus-builder for my district, and I’ll continue to work to find common ground and move Georgia forward.

John Ruch

John Ruch is an Atlanta-based journalist. Previously, he was Managing Editor of Reporter Newspapers.