Patrick Thompson


Occupation: Business management

Patrick Thompson

Previous elective office held: none.

Other community service experience: Scoutmaster for more than 20 years; Georgia Water Coalition, Sierra Club, Chattahoochee Riverkeepers, Must Ministries, Drake House, North Fulton Charities, Goodwill, Appalachian Trail Club, Blue Green Alliance, Red Cross, area food banks.

Q:  Why should the voters choose you for this position?

A: If voters seek a return to public service and integrity from the people who represent them, I’m their candidate. I accept no funds, lobby money, gifts or trinkets. You’ll get a legislative agenda that’s responsive and effective – not based on groups from outside the state that cost Georgians jobs, waste tax dollars and generate negative results. Every step taken will come from citizen input and answer the question of whether this will improve the lives of Georgians. Georgia needs new ideas and needs people representing them in office that actually work for them. I pledge allegiance to the people.

Q:  What is the biggest issue facing the constituents you seek to represent? How will you address that issue?

A: A total lack of planning and coordination of resources has left citizens with no transportation options or cross-community integration, overdevelopment with no investment in infrastructure, education policies underfunded and fleecing our communities of school budgets and safety, hospitals closing and people sick and dying because we’re paying our tax dollars to other states who accepted the ACA, gas pump pricing beholden to energy choices. I will seek more transportation options than asphalt, return and increase funding to public education, accept expanded Medicaid while striving for better solutions that remove insurance and pharma companies from between us and our medical care.

John Ruch

John Ruch is an Atlanta-based journalist. Previously, he was Managing Editor of Reporter Newspapers.