Zach Flash recently won a prestigious award: the national Legion of Valor Bronze Cross award. The award, given by the U.S. Army, honors cadets from the Reserve Officer Training Corps who demonstrate excellence in military, scholastic and civic affairs. This award was given to 29 cadets in the U.S, and Zach was one of two in Georgia.

Zach has been working towards this goal since his childhood. “Being recognized on the national level for my achievements means that I have set myself up on a path to success and excellence,” said Zach. “It’s truly an honor.”

Zach Flash (Special)

In addition to Zach’s impressive military awards, he fills his time with school activities.

“In school I am a part of the varsity football team, captain of the varsity rifle team, and I participate in JROTC [Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps] activities,” Zach said. “I also am part of Students of Excellence, the Student Athletic Leadership Team, and Ambassadors and Champions of Excellence.”

Zach’s parents introduced him to JROTC.

“After a few days in JROTC, I knew it was the place for me. After learning more about the military, I started to really take an interest in JROTC and the military as a whole,” said Zach. “Part of what drew me to JROTC were the values that are talked about each day. I feel that I am causing positive change in the world, every day I lead my peers in JROTC sponsored activities.”

With all these extra-curricular activities, Zach does not have much free time. When he does, he enjoys spending time with his family, training in Krav Maga (an Israeli self-defensive system), reading and traveling. Zach has ambitions to become an emergency medicine physician or special operations officer.

His favorite subject is math. “Math is one of my favorite subjects because it always came easy to me,” said Zach. “I participate in Mu Alpha Theta (a math honor society), where I help younger kids with math.”

Zach prides himself on his leadership abilities. “My role model is Gen. Douglas MacArthur, because throughout his time as a (military) leader, his subordinates always had an open line of communication with him,” said Flash. “Additionally, he went by his gut and didn’t let anybody tell him he was doing something wrong, when he knew he was right. I try my best to model my leadership after his style and all of the other great leaders from history.”

What’s Next?
Zach is in the application process of the United States Air Force Academy, the United States Military Academy at West Point, and the United States Naval Academy. He plans on being in the military in whichever institution he chooses.

This article was reported and written by Charlie Benedict, a student at The Westminster Schools.