From police reports dated Sept. 25 to Oct. 1

The following information was provided to the Buckhead Reporter by the Zone 2 precinct of the Atlanta Police Department from its records and is presumed to be accurate.

3200 block of Peachtree Road — During the early morning of Sept 29, a pedestrian said he was robbed while walking home from a bar. A man approached him and demanded his belongings, patting what appeared to be a gun in his pocket. The man then fled.

2200 block of Cheshire Bridge- During the morning of Sept. 30, a victim said a man walked in through the side door of a restaurant and pointed a gun. He then demanded all the money. The victim handed him the money from the register and the suspect fled.

Aggravated Assault
1200 block of Howell Mill Road — On the morning of Sept. 25, the driver of a vehicle began discharging a firearm at the victim’s vehicle, causing damage. The victim did not know the driver or the vehicle.

1100 block of Collier Road — During the morning of Sept. 29, while at the apartment call box, three men approached a woman’s vehicle and demanded her belongings. She put her vehicle in reverse and attempted to flee the scene. The suspects then opened fire upon her vehicle. Victim was uninjured, but her vehicle was damaged.

3000 block of Piedmont Road — During the morning of Sept. 30, the victim was approached by a man who asked if he wanted to fight. Victim advised that he did not know what the suspect was talking about, but that the suspect took a swing at him, so he ran. The suspect then attacked the victim with a group of his friends. Witness observed the incident and saw five to six men beating the victim. The victim had been in the club with the victim prior to the incident.

2400 block of Camellia Lane — On Sept. 25, a woman lay down in the suspect’s apartment after going on a date with him. She awoke to him caressing her buttocks and pushed him way. The suspect began choking her. When she attempted to flee, the suspect pursued and choked her a second time. The victim then bit the suspect and he fled.


2400 block of Coronet Way– On Sept 25, an apartment door was damaged to gain entry. The Victim said that during a dispute the door was kicked off the hinges. No items reported stolen.

1200 block of Peachtree Battle Ave. – On Sept. 27, a door was kicked in at a home currently under construction and a red Craftsman air compressor was stolen.

3000 block of Margaret Mitchell Court – On Sept. 28, a gas range was removed from a home under construction.

4400 block of Northside Parkway – On Sept 30, a front door to an apartment was discovered open. Cash totaling $152, Oxycodone, and two topaz rings were stolen.

3500 block of Habersham Road NW- On Sept 30, a door was pried and forced open. More than $1,000 in jewelry was stolen from the location.

2100 block of Bolton Road NW – On Sept. 25, Storage sheds forced. Mailbox damaged. Vehicle entered. Chainsaw stolen.

1500 block of Chattahoochee Ave. NW- On Sept. 29 the front door to a home was damaged and cologne, speaker, bracelet and necklace were stolen.

2800 block of Peachtree Road- On Sept. 27, a burglary arrest made.

2800 block of Alpine Road NE – On Sept. 28, a witness observed a male suspect force entry to the rear door of a home. He called the victim and the victim returned home. He heard noises upstairs and shouted, “Come down here and get out of this house.” The suspect then came downstairs and fled. No items were removed from the location.

40 Peachtree Valley Road- On the morning of Sept. 25, $2,000 in cash was stolen from an apartment via forced entry.

3800 block of Land O Lakes Drive NE–On Sept. 30, a back door was forced to gain entry. Necklaces, jewelry, purse, and miscellaneous debit cards removed.

700 block of Morosgo Drive NE- At an unknown time, the rear door glass of an apartment was cut. MacBook Pros, MacBook Air, Samsung TVs, and iPhone 6 stolen from the location.

700 block of Sidney Marcus Blvd. NE- At an unknown time knife, Kindle tablet, checks, passport and miscellaneous items removed from an apartment.

400 block of Armour Drive NE- On Sept. 30, an iMac, duffle bag, backpack, and miscellaneous items were removed from an apartment.

Commercial Burglary

1185 Collier Road NE- At an unknown time, a key cutter was removed from the locations storage facility. The door to the location was not functioning properly and could have been easily entered.

22 E Andrews Dr. NW – On the morning of Sept. 26, a jewelry store reported a forced entry to the bathroom window. $500 cash had been stolen from the register. Several jewelry items were also stolen.

There were 53 reported larceny from vehicles reported between Sept. 25 and Oct 1. There were 34 other larcenies, including shoplifting, reported between Sept. 25 and Oct 1.

Auto theft
There were 15 auto thefts reported between Sept. 25 and Oct 1.

John Ruch

John Ruch is an Atlanta-based journalist. Previously, he was Managing Editor of Reporter Newspapers.