The following incidents and arrests represent some, but not all, of the reports filed with Sandy Springs police from Sept. 24 to Oct. 4.

Capt. Steve Rose

The following information was provided by Capt. Steve Rose of the Sandy Springs Police Department from its records and the information is presumed to be accurate.

5800 block of Riverside Drive (near I-285) – On Sept. 25, about 9:30 p.m., a man called police and reported he was robbed inside a car. The man said he was riding in his friend’s Ford Mustang after being picked up from work by the female driver. Another man, whom he did not know, was in the backseat. They were on the way to Paces Ferry Road to visit a friend. They exited on Riverside Drive at which time the man in the back seat pulled a knife and took his money ($11). The victim said he then jumped from the car and walked back towards the interstate and called the police.

100 block of Cimarron- A man said that about 4 a.m. on Sept. 26 he was robbed in the parking lot of his apartment complex after returning home. He said a small black car pulled up next to him and two men exited, pulled a gun and demanded his wallet and anything else he had on him. The pair then fled.

4920 Roswell Road – On Sept. 27, at 7 a.m., a victim was in his car when he heard a tap on the window. He looked up to see a man and his gun, ushering him out. The man demanded the keys and left in the victim’s car, but not before shaking the victim’s hand and telling him “thank you.”

9300 block of Huntcliff Trace- On Sept. 24, between noon and 3:15 p.m., someone forced a side door and entered the house. The man cutting the grass noticed the forced door and called the police. Items taken have not yet been reported.

1117 Perimeter Center West at Hoffman Services- On Sept. 25, a security guard reported that he found a broken window, courtesy of a cinder block. It appears someone entered and possibly took a computer.

4700 block of Huntley Drive- On Sept. 27, officers responded to an alarm about noon and found the front door had been opened by force. Missing is a MacBook, iPad, and LG DVD player.

Mt. Vernon Circle- On Oct. 3, a chaise lounge was taken from a resident´s patio.

7500 block of Roswell Road- On Oct. 3, an alterations business was entered after someone pried the rear door. A television, stereo and a MacBook computer were missing.

1500 block of Huntcliff Village Cout- On Oct. 3, an apartment manager said someone pried a door to the maintenance building and took a Rayon Blower, Dewalt circular saw and Craftsman circular saw.

2400 block of Monterrey Parkway- On Oct. 3, a woman reported that several pieces of jewelry were taken from her apartment. There were no signs of forced entry.

8700 block Roswell Road – On Oct. 4, someone attempted to pry open a storage unit at the rear of a shopping center. The unit contained nothing.

7200 block of Duncourtney Drive- On Oct. 4, a resident said she heard the doorbell and then seconds later, heard a banging sound from the back of the house. Looking off her back porch, she saw a man. When he saw her he said “sorry,” then walked away. It appears he was trying to get into one of the doors on the ground floor. Units were in the area within 2-3 minutes away, but the suspect was not located.

6000 block of Roswell Road- On Oct. 4 light fixtures were stolen from a construction site.

6000 block of Peachtree-Dunwoody Road – On Oct. 5 a hotel guest said that while she was away from her room, someone entered and took several jewelry items.

6080 Roswell Road– On Sept. 24, a woman stole a phone and ran out of a store while the employee was working with another customer.

111 Glenridge Point Parkway – On Sept. 26 a 51-year old man said that just after 3 p.m., he pulled up to a sandwich shop and went inside while leaving his car running. While he was inside, he saw a man get into his car and drive off.

1100 Hammond Drive- A 20-year old woman said she was eating at a fast food restaurant. She got up to go to the bathroom and left her phone on the table. Upon her return, no phone. A witness said a man she knew, named Kevin, took the phone and ran out the door.

5900 block of Roswell Road – On Sept. 27, officers were called to a pet store and spoke with an employee and a loss-prevention officer. The officer said an employee had skimmed $1,257 in fake returns from the Sept. 17 to Sept. 26. The employee, once confronted, told the loss-prevention officer that he wanted to hurt himself and didn’t want to live. The man was taken to Northside Hospital for evaluation. Charges are pending the results.

7325 Roswell Road- On Sept. 28, a 37-year old man said he was at a gas station on Roswell Road. He went into the store to pay, leaving his keys in the car. He said he saw two men in a silver car at a nearby pump. He looked away to transact his business and then looked back to find that the men and his car were gone. In the car was a Glock pistol, a silver MacBook, iPad Pro, numerous hard drives, an iPhone 6S, Fiji camera, and documents. The victim said his last track on the phone showed it on I-285 and I-20.

5500 block Glenridge Drive- On Oct. 1, a 33-year old woman said that she went out of town and her boyfriend stole all her stuff from her apartment including food, iPhone, and her Xanax.

1100 block Mount Vernon Highway – On Oct. 3, a 25-year old man said that his cellphone was stolen from his locker at a gym.

700 block of Starlight Drive- On Oct. 4, a resident reported that during the night, someone stole his 2010 Ford F-150 from his driveway.

There were 15 reported larceny from vehicles reported between Sept. 24 and Sep. 27 and 15 reported larceny from vehicles reported between Oct. 1 and Oct. 4.

Fraud and Scams
A 67-year old woman said she received an evening phone call from someone claiming to work for Microsoft. The caller said her internet security had expired. She was told she had a store credit and to log onto a website to receive it. The caller asked for two MoneyGrams to be purchased for $1,940 each, and the serial numbers be provided to the caller. She said in the end, the total fraudulent funds to her account totaled $7,800.

OK, this is partly out of frustration, but when does the light go on? This caller had scam written all over him yet the victim was willing to spend more on the security of the computer than another computer would cost. Ask questions. Take time, make the caller answer and you’ll see they’ll start to slip up. Don’t take calls like this for face value. Geeze! Let’s be smart about this. We’re making it too easy.

An 81-year old woman reported that she received a call from someone claiming to be Chase, her grandson and who was in trouble for a DUI in Florida. Chase said he needed bond money and his attorney would make a follow-up call to her. After hanging up, she received another call from a man named Raymond Carter, claiming to be the attorney, and who said she needed to get three discount store cards for $1,000 each and give him the information on the cards, then send the cards to a woman named Patricia Renda. She did so and the following day she got another call from a man saying he was her grandson and needed his car from impound that cost $2,200. Another $3,000 was sent via discount store cards to the same Patricia Renda, even after the victim said she began to feel something was wrong.

Okay, aside from the obvious “When does the light go on? Etc”, I am indeed hoping that karma will kick in and each of these scammers will at some point explode. That would be awesome.

A 28-year old woman said she received a call from a man named Mark Rodriguez about a medical debt to the WPG Wealth Management Group. He told her to pay six monthly payments to erase the debt. What concerned the victim is that Rodriguez knew her personal information including Social Security number and date of birth. She said she is not in debt and owes no medical bills.

What medical group calls themselves Wealth Management Group? That might be the agenda, but shouldn’t it be called something medical?

A 29-year old man reported that someone set up a number of accounts in his name, including SyncBank, CBNA Sears, Kohls, Wells Fargo, and Credit One. He placed a freeze on his credit, contacted the FTC to report the fraud, and had a police report made to show each creditor that the account was criminally fraudulent.

A man reported that as his credit was being checked for an apartment, it was learned he had a fraudulent $10,000 outstanding auto loan that he was delinquent on. The address listed was in Decatur.

6575 Roswell Road – About 4:30 a.m. on Sept. 24, an off-duty employee began taunting another employee with obscenities and sign language. The receiver of the taunting began yelling back at him. The first employee then threw a drink on the second one and (now) the manager. The first guy left after the manager fired him.

300 block of Northridge Road – On Sept. 28, a security officer reported that a package was found near an apartment building and he was not sure to whom it belonged. The package was suspicious looking and so “suspicious package” protocol was kicked in. A perimeter was set up and a bomb tech from GBI came out and checked it out. Turns out it was a toolbox. The owner was located.

A 27-year old man said he allowed another man to temporarily live with him and his family. The complainant said a package was delivered to the home, addressed to the person he allowed to stay. The package contained a pound of marijuana. The man was told to leave, which he did. The man now is sending threatening messages.


7700 block of Glisten Avenue- On Sept. 24, cops were called just before 5 a.m. when a resident was awakened by his dog. He looked out the window and saw four young males in his neighbor’s car. He called the police. While one officer was speaking to the car’s owner, another officer spotted four young males who then fled from him inside a parking garage area. Two of the four were quickly caught and secured. Two others continued to look for an escape opportunity, but were rounded up by another officer. The four, ages ranging from 11-16, had taken MARTA to Sandy Springs “to meet girls.” In reality, they came to Sandy Springs to steal from cars. Several stolen items were found including a laptop, ID cards, driver’s licenses, cellphones, wallets and cash.

Note: There were several car break-ins, as many as 14, that will be cleared with these arrests.

This is a HUGE problem in Sandy Springs, Brookhaven, Dunwoody, Cobb, and the Atlanta Police’s Zone 2, which covers Buckhead. Young kids from the south areas of Atlanta, with little or no adult supervision, come to the north side to steal. Kids have told officers that they come here because there are things in the cars to steal and people here are naïve—a true statement given the number of cars left unlocked with valuables inside. Good job the north district patrol officers rounding up these juveniles.

1200 block of Treelodge Parkway- On Sept. 2, cops were called to an assault involving a hair pick and knife wielded towards a 28-year old man by a woman. Cops arrested her after speaking with the woman, who denied it, the man who was almost picked, and his brother who said he had the video of the incident on his cellphone but for some reason didn’t want to show it to the officers. She was arrested.

Hammond and Peachtree-Dunwoody Road –  On Sept. 26, an officer spotted a woman soliciting funds with a bucket at the intersection. She gave him a fake name and later said she did so not to get in trouble. She had previous warnings on record so she was cited for soliciting and providing false information to police.

Staff at a discount department store detained a 9-year old for stealing Pokemon cards valued at $13. Parents were called to pick the child up.

8100 block of Colquitt Road- on Sept. 27, cops were called and told by a 12-year-old boy that he was approached by another male and told to give him money for marijuana. The suspect took from him headphones, playing cards and $1. A description was given of a male, 6-feet-tall, glasses, black clothing, and pink shoes. Another officer found someone matching that description. The man denied it, then said the 12-year old victim came up to him and “started things,” and then finally admitted stealing from the kid. The offender, a juvenile, was taken to Metro YDC (Youth Detention Center) on robbery charges.

On Sept. 28, employees at a discount store detained a man after he concealed a Bose Bluetooth speaker, valued at $159, and attempted to leave without paying for it. The man was seen opening the package with a knife and then concealing the speaker in his pants.

I guess, the plan was to awkwardly walk out with no one noticing. He was cited to appear on shoplifting charges.

On Oct. 1, staff at a discount store stopped one person who took two pairs of gloves and attempted to leave without paying. The thief was charged on a copy citation to appear in court at a later date.

Peachtree-Dunwoody Road/Hammond Drive- On Oct. 1, one person was cited for driving while surrounded by the aroma of marijuana and having some on him.

Officers were called to a wine and spirits store on Roswell Road on Oct. 1 regarding a shoplifter who was tussling with the employees after being caught stealing. The offender continued to fight with the officer, who now was attempting to get the man cuffed. The offender continued fighting and attempting to bite the officer. A second officer arrived and both officers now attempted to gain control over the combative suspect. He was finally secured after trying to bite everyone involved, including the two employees, who also suffered punches to the face. The suspect refused his name so was booked as John Doe (no bond by the way) and was seen by medical personnel, protocol after a Taser deployment.

On Oct. 3, staff at a discount department store observed and then detained a woman who took several items and then attempted to leave without paying for them. The items, valued at about $75, were recovered. She was arrested.

In August, a woman, using the name of a resident on Kenbrook Drive, applied for store credit at a Sandy Springs shop, and purchased over $4,900 in furniture. The store manager because suspicious because the delivery location was in Hapeville, Ga. The responding officer confirmed with the actual resident on Kenbrook Drive, that she had not applied for store credit, nor purchased furniture. A man was arrested in August when he came to collect the furniture ordered. Subsequent investigation yielded two additional warrants for tools for the commission of a crime and ID fraud.

A 22-year old man who was shot several times at an apartment complex on Sept. 21 failed to ID the suspects in the shooting. The district attorney’s office will not prosecute the case.

Four tavern employees were arrested after an investigation into a plan to steal customer’s loyalty account funds.