In his recent commentary here (“Opinion: The Mexican community’s contribution to Georgia’s economy,” Sept. 30-Oct. 13), Javier Díaz de León, the consul general of Mexico in Atlanta, had a lot to say about what he calls “immigrants” and “migrants.” And he outlined what he says are hardships they encounter here in the Peach State.

We fear readers with little independent knowledge of actual facts on immigration and the sovereign nation of Mexico may take away a very inaccurate view of reality without some knowledgeable balance to the Mexican diplomat’s presentation.

According to the federal government, “immigrants” are people who enter the United States lawfully with the intention of permanent residence. The word “immigrant” should be sacred to, and defended by, all Americans. Illegal aliens are not immigrants.

It must be noted that real immigrants have zero problems with any of those benefits in Georgia. What he means is that life can be difficult for illegal aliens in Georgia.

Perhaps space prevented Mr. Díaz from informing Georgia readers that in Mexico, there are severe penalties in place for illegal employment and they are unapologetically enforced. Or that illegals in Mexico have absolutely no chance of obtaining a genuine driver’s license or officially issued ID cards, or attending any education facility without proper documents.

Neither can Mexican citizens vote unless they present a very secure Mexican voter ID, complete with fingerprints and (gasp) a photo of the voter.

Mexico has been encouraging and facilitating illegal immigration for decades. In 1994, the government of Mexico produced a 32-page “How To” guide containing information to aid Mexican citizens in crossing the border illegally into the United States.

It is much easier for average Georgians to grasp the motivation and agenda of the Mexican diplomatic corps if we all note that Mexico uses huge amounts of U.S. dollars sent home by its “migrants” to prop up the Mexican economy. In February, the Mexican central bank reported that money sent home by Mexicans overseas hit nearly $24.8 billion in 2015, overtaking oil revenues for the first time as a source of foreign income. Get it?

The Mexican consul general to Atlanta assures us that Mexican “migrants” possess “a very high resilience and capability for integration with the members of the communities where they live.”

Most of us have doubts about that statement when we see the never-ending marches in the streets of Atlanta by angry and illegally present “victims of borders” screaming that we must end enforcement of American immigration laws and when we see the push for foreign-language voter assistance and ballots in the state of Georgia, U.S.A. Respectfully: No sale, Mr. Díaz.

D.A. King
President, Dustin Inman Society

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  1. It’s was very irresponsible and dangerous of the Dunwoody Reporter to provide a forum for the Dustin Inman Society to spew their vile hatred.

    The Dustin Inman Society – an organization whom the Southern Poverty Law Center classifies as a nativist extremist group – one that goes beyond mere advocacy to personally confront suspected undocumented immigrants or those who hire or help them, should crawl back in the racist cesspool they slimed out of.


  2. The impression I got from Mr. Diaz’s post was that the Mexican government is very proud that its citizens are fleeing Mexico in droves.

  3. You always know you have hit the truth bullseye when you hear them trying to shut you up. Democrats – because they rarely have the facts on their side – want shut down the argument, not win the argument. Illegal aliens are bad for our country. Period.

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