We Love BuHi, an organization dedicated to supporting a livable, inclusive, sustainable Buford Highway, has received a grant totaling just over $10,000 from the Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta.

The money from the year-long Neighborhood Fund grant will be used to support a new business association made up of Buford Highway businesses and also support community-based tourism and economic development, said We Love BuHi founder Marian Liou.

“The future of Buford Highway is important
to me because it’s my future.”
– Marian Liou,
We Love BuHi founder

We Love BuHi is also now forming into an official 501c3 nonprofit group.

“Now more than ever, a thriving Buford Highway is necessary for a thriving Atlanta,” Liou said in a statement.

The Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta announced Nov. 14 it had granted $125,000 to 16 organizations, and provided over $16,000 of coaching for the recipients of Neighborhood Fund grants.

The We Love BuHi mission statement states the organization “catalyzes and supports a livable, inclusive, sustainable Buford Highway through creative place-making collaborations with other social enterprises and nonprofit organizations and strategic partnerships with local businesses and governments.

Program areas for We Love BuHi:

  • Arts BuHi – Catalyze development of cultural assets and programming through strategic collaborations and partnerships that capitalize on Buford Highway’s unique, multicultural identity.
  • Biz BuHi – Promote the vitality, sustainability and growth of the local business environment through advocacy, education and marketing support.
  • Design BuHi – Utilize placemaking principles to spark innovative approaches to design, community development, land use, and transportation and mobility.
  • Play BuHi – Make Buford Highway more fun, playful and active by encouraging the development of public space, opportunities for play and physical activity, and community festivals and events.