Law enforcement officials are spreading the word to help keep shoppers safe this holiday, offering several safety tips to keep the season bright. Sandy Springs Officer Forrest Bohannon reminded everyone to “stay alert and be aware of everybody around you.”

Dunwoody Traffic Enforcement Officer Christopher Irwin said people should think ahead and place valuables in their car trunk before getting to the mall or even throughout the year when heading to the gym.

“People go shopping and they’ll come out and put stuff in their trunk, but what people don’t realize is that the criminals are actually out in the parking lots watching,” Irwin said.

Brookhaven’s Officer Carlos Nino said remembering to lock up valuables is one part of staying safe. Remembering to alert police and “say something” is paramount, he said.

To stay safe during the holidays,
local police departments recommend that you:

  • Put all shopping bags in the trunk of your vehicle.
  • Park in a well-lit area.
  • Be alert and pay attention. Thieves will always target
    the people who look distracted.
  • Check around your car and look in the backseat
    before getting behind the wheel.
  • Lock your doors and windows at home, even if you
    step out for a few minutes.
  • Leave a light or a TV on so potential burglars will
    think you are home.
  • Never hesitate to call 911 if you think something
    doesn’t look right.
  • Shop in groups of two or more people.
  • Don’t put your purse in your shopping cart. Thieves
    will try to distract you so they can lift your wallet or
    your purse when you’re not looking.
  • Don’t hang your purse on the back of your chair at
    restaurants. The best place to keep your purse is your
    lap, police say.
  • Place purchases beneath the table, near your feet.


Photo caption: Credit / SPECIAL
Atlanta Police Officer Ralph Woolfolk suggests shoppers travel in groups and keep their car keys in hand when walking through parking lots.