Plans to create a “Main Street look” for Dunwoody Village and the Georgetown/North Shallowford area of the city remain on course as part of a Livable Centers Initiative grant awarded to the city in 2010.

The $100,000 LCI grant, from the Atlanta Regional Commission and matched with $50,000 of city money, and is being used to create more walkable areas as well as enhance development and redevelopment.

Last month, City Council received an update from the ARC on how the plans are coming along as part of a five-year review to maintain funding.

In the next five years, the city and ARC are working to achieve certain goals, including making improvements to Chamblee-Dunwoody Road, the Mount Vernon Road streetscape and Ashford Center Parkway/Womack Road; creating more green space in Dunwoody Village; studying Village-area parking; and creating more sidewalk and trail connections.

The Georgetown/North Shallowford area included in the LCI covers the southern portion of the city, stretching generally from I-285 and Cotillion Drive to Independence Square, centered along Chamblee-Dunwoody Road. Plans outlined in the LCI are to enhance the quality of development and redevelopment in the area and to transform the area from an automobile-dominated commercial center into a more balanced, multi-modal activity center.

What has been accomplished in Georgetown/North Shallowford Road:
■ Project Renaissance including residential development, Georgetown Park and Pernoshal Park.
■ Emory Healthcare lease and renovation.
■ Jewish Family Services Center renovation and expansion.
■ Townhouse development on Old Spring House Lane (in progress).
■ Georgetown Square Townhouse development (in progress).
■ Connection of parks via a greenway trail system.
■ Optimization and coordination of traffic signals.
■ Bicycle lanes on North Shallowford Road from Cotillion to Peeler.
■ Old Spring House Lane trail.

Plans under design as part of the Georgetown/North Shallowford LCI:
■ Cotillion Drive sidewalk/trail.
■ Chamblee-Dunwoody Road streetscape improvements.

Studies underway:

Georgetown Square connectivity through the Georgetown Shopping Center; extension of Peachford Road from North Shallowford Road to Chamblee-Dunwoody Road.

Dunwoody Village is located in the central portion of the city, clustered generally around the intersection of Mount Vernon Road and Chamblee-Dunwoody Road, stretching from Womack Road to north of Dunwoody Village Parkway.

The LCI plans focus on creating a more vibrant, walkable Village Center, maintaining the area’s unique identity and character and promoting linkages to local neighborhoods from the Village Center.

What has been accomplished in Dunwoody Village
■ Chase Bank development.
■ Novo Cucina renovation.
■ Sherwin-Williams redevelopment.
■ 1420 Dunwoody Square renovation (office buildings).
■ Marlow’s Tavern restaurant and First Watch restaurant openings.
■ Village Burger additions.
■ Rezoning of aged office development into a new townhome development (on the east side of Dunwoody Village and just north of Mount Vernon Road).
■ Transformation of Dunwoody Village Parkway from a four-lane divided Parkway into a two-lane multimodal street with dedicated bicycle facilities, sidewalks, lighting and landscaping
■ Multimodal improvements to Mount Vernon Road including repaving, bicycle lanes and sidewalks
■ Sidewalk improvements to Chamblee-Dunwoody Road
■ Lane narrowing to better accommodate cyclists on Ashford Center Parkway
■ Traffic signal and ITS enhancements to traffic signals in the area
■ Purchase of DeKalb County property for stormwater retention

Dyana Bagby

Dyana Bagby is a staff writer for Reporter Newspapers and Atlanta Intown.