The following incidents and arrests represent some, but not all, of the reports filed with Sandy Springs police from Nov. 26 through Dec. 2.

The following information was provided by Capt. Steve Rose of the Sandy Springs Police Department from its records and the information is presumed to be accurate.

Capt. Steve Rose


1900 block of Monterrey Parkway — On Nov. 26, a resident reported that she was gone for several days and during that time someone entered through a back window, possibly unlocked. Items such as a laptop and flat-screen TV were left untouched while several other items including a video game system and games were taken.

7000 block of Glisten Avenue — On Nov. 26, a resident reported that someone entered her home through a window, she was notified by her alarm service while away from her home. Her mother was onsite, but upstairs sleeping. It appears her car keys were taken to a loaner car she had. The burglar left a black sock.

1000 block of Brentwood Way — On Nov. 26, the resident said he returned from work and found his apartment ransacked. Outside his back window, he saw an 8-foot ladder leading to the window. Electric items including a laptop were stolen.

Barbara Lane — On Nov. 29, someone entered an unoccupied home, through a basement door after shattering the glass with a football-size rock, which set off the alarm. It appeared that the burglars were looking for appliances to steal, but alarm scared the suspect(s) off.

5200 block of Green Oak Ct. — On Nov. 29, someone removed an AC unit from a home that is under construction.

Silverwood Road — On Nov. 29, officers, responding to an alarm call, found evidence of attempted force entry to the back of the home, screen, and window trim. Nothing was taken.

300 block of Highbrook Drive — On Nov. 29, the resident left for approximately an hour and on return found forced entry to the front door. The home had been ransacked and a number of items were taken.

Parkgate Drive — On Nov. 30, the resident said someone came into the apartment through an unlocked window and a few items were taken.

100 block of Nesbit Ferry Place — On Dec. 1, the resident said he noticed his garage door slightly open when he returned home from work. The home had been ransacked but nothing was missing. The owner is in the process of moving and there was little to take.


2000 block of Spring Creek Lane. — On Nov. 27, a resident said his friend called and said he was coming to visit. The victim said the door was unlocked and to come in. A half-hour later, the victim returned home to find several items taken. The victim knows the subject only as “David” with a street name of “Red.” He contacted “Red,” who denied stealing anything.

Okay here’s a good tip: If you know someone by their suspicious street name but you don’t know their real last name, don’t offer up your home to them. That’s an inside joke because all street names are suspicious. These names include: Stub, Cannon Head, Iron Head, Dead Head, etc. If any of your friends have street name like or similar to this, don’t offer up your home.

4900 block of Roswell Road — On Nov. 29, a woman reported that her car was stolen from a gas station’s gas pumps. When she got out to pay, a man got in and drove off. Her phone and personal items were in the car including the keys that he used to start it and drive off. Among the items in the Cherokee Jeep Latitude was $500 cash and an iPhone. The suspects attempted to use a credit card at a Chevron Station on Sylvan Road a while later, but it was declined.

This particular area has pumps very close to where you pay so don’t assume since it is, no one would dare risk stealing your car. Take the keys and better yet, lock it. Simple fix.

5700 block of Roswell Road — On Nov. 29, a 46-year-old man reported that a woman drove up to him at a gas station and asked directions. He let her use his phone, and then went into the store for something to write directions down for her. In the meantime, she drove off.

 This is actually a sad story because the victim said the phone contained photos of his daughter who is deceased. (Side note: Send those digital photos off to be printed. It’s inexpensive. Everything of value on your photos file should be in print.)

Hampton Drive — On Nov. 29, a 25-year-old man reported that when he returned home to his apartment complex, he saw a woman dragging a mattress across the lot. The mattress was in fact his, confirmed by the shipping address on the box. The woman said the mattress was her daughter’s. He reclaimed the mattress but declined to press theft charges on the woman.

7300 block of Cardigan Circle — On Nov. 29, 
A 37-year-old woman said someone stole her car sometime around or just after 6 p.m. She said that she lost her keys, possibly in the parking lot, on the previous Sunday.

Northwood Drive — A 32-year-old man said he rented an apartment room on Northwood Drive back in June. He was supposed to live there from June to August but after five days, the landlord kicked them out for non- payment of the rent. He told the officer he actually paid $400 to a man he knew under the name of “El Pissa” who apparently pocketed the money but didn’t pay the rent. He confronted El Pissa and when he mentioned he was calling the cops, El Pissa took off running down Northwood toward Roswell Road. By the way, the man said “El Pissa” means friend from the same community or region. Well, that one’s ripe for interpretation. 

Thefts from vehicles

There were a number of thefts between Nov. 26 and Dec. 1 from cars in the 5000 block of Roswell Road including Round Hill Condos and other areas south of that. Several of the cars were unlocked. A car was stolen in the Southern Trace Apartments at 5320 Roswell that could have been used by the crew doing the theft from cars.

6400 block of Roswell Road — On Nov. 29, a 39-year old man said he was at a nightclub and at some point he placed his wallet on the counter where he was sitting. Someone apparently snatched it and its contents including credit cards, ID, and $450 cash.


8600 block of Roswell Road — On Nov. 26, officers met with the medical staff at the DeKalb Medical Center regarding a man who said he was shot in the thigh in the parking lot of a bar. He said he didn’t remember how he got to the hospital from there (no 9-1-1 call was made) and did not know who shot him. He thinks that it was a ricochet. He said he knows nothing else. There was no crime scene, shells found, etc.

200 block of Northwood Drive — On Nov. 30, a 26-year old man said he was beat up by a man who is 6’-5” and 500 pounds. The victim is 5’-7.” Alcohol was involved.