Signs, landscaping and other finishing touches are coming soon to the road and sidewalks improvements connecting Morgan Falls Overlook Park to the rest of Sandy Springs.

Last year, the city completed repaving, sidewalk construction and other improvements on Morgan Falls Road, the long and winding street that connects the park to Roswell Road. The city celebrated better park access in June with a lantern parade.

On Jan. 3, the City Council approved a $490,000 contract—to be largely paid for with federal funds—for the finishing touches.

The work will include creating a swamp-like “bio-retention” area where plants will filter pollutants out of stormwater. The city is calling it a “rain garden” in a tip of the hat to its new Marsh Creek Rain Garden Park, a similar but much larger facility on Johnson Ferry Road downtown. The Overlook Park version will go alongside the kayak rental shack and will not have any special signage. “We’re not creating another park within [the] park,” said city spokesperson Sharon Kraun.

The project still requires state review due to the use of federal funds and will take about 120 days to build, meaning construction could be finished by next summer. Landscape and rain garden plantings could take longer to match the right season.

John Ruch

John Ruch is an Atlanta-based journalist. Previously, he was Managing Editor of Reporter Newspapers.

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