More than a dozen street trees on a median on Sandy Springs’ Abernathy Road were recently cut down for road work as part of the new Ashton Woods housing and Mercedes-Benz USA corporate headquarters. New trees will be planted along the roadside to replace them, according to the city.

Some of the Abernathy Road median trees as they appeared in a 2015 Google Earth image.

The entire median on Abernathy between Barfield Road and Glenridge Drive is being removed for work to add turning and deceleration lanes for the twin developments, according to city spokesperson Sharon Kraun. She said 13 trees were removed for that work.

After the new lanes are complete, a partial median will be installed without any trees on it, Kraun said. Instead, the developers will plant new “fast-growing oaks” on both sides of Abernathy, she said.

More roadway changes are coming to that section of Abernathy soon, as the Georgia Department of Transportation plans to turn the interchange with Ga. 400 into a “diverging diamond.”

John Ruch

John Ruch is an Atlanta-based journalist. Previously, he was Managing Editor of Reporter Newspapers.

3 replies on “Sandy Springs street trees cut down for Ashton Woods, Mercedes work”

  1. How stupid &short sighted. More ugliness and ugly planning. The developers make money and we lose clean air, attractive neighborhoods and a general sense of nature and pleasant environment. Hey but wait!!!!! We can drive faster and more dangerously and live more packed together. Hurray for urban glut…… Sandy Springs continues to decline as a pleasant community. How very sad. We residents and taxpayers are suffering and despondent.

  2. Remember to throw out all of the politicians the next time you vote. None of them deserve to be reelected. If the trend continues, every parcel will be devoid of trees and full of buildings, parking decks and lots. They do not understand that THE PEOPLE do not want more development.

  3. Believe it or not I am in favor of the changes happening in SS. Going from a sleepy town to a place more vibrant and where I will spend more time and money. Keep it up SS!

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