The intersection of Mt. Paran and Powers Ferry roads in Sandy Springs could become a roundabout or get a traffic signal in options presented at a Jan. 26 public meeting.

The intersection improvement, presented to more than 50 residents at Holy Spirit Preparatory School, is proposed to ease bottlenecking and reduce accidents. Thirty-three accidents have taken place between 2011 and 2015, mostly likely due to motorists failing to yield at the existing four-way stop sign setup, according to city spokesperson Dan Coffer.

The roundabout option for the Mt. Paran and Johnson Ferry roads intersection.

“So far, we haven’t had any serious injuries, but we’re pushing our luck,” said Megan Wilson, the city’s senior traffic engineer.

The attendees were asked to put a sticker on the alternative of their choice. The roundabout appeared to be slightly preferred. However, some residents said they didn’t want any change, and that’s a possibility, too.

The roundabout option could keep traffic flowing and force motorists to slow down on the curves, according to city representatives.

The smart-technology traffic signal option could reduce the duration of traffic and respond to speeds and volume. The signal would require road widening for turning lanes.

Either option could allow for more traffic to go through the area, which backs up with commuters during morning and evening rush hours. They also include some new sidewalks, and either option could involve road-widening.

The city is moving forward with the roughly $2 million project now because it can be funded through a recently approved transportation special-purpose local-option sales tax. Under the TSPLOST, projects must begin within the next five years.

The traffic signal option for the Mt. Paran and Johnson Ferry roads intersection.

Residents who chose the roundabout say it will blend in with the look of the neighborhood and be more efficient once motorists understand how it works.

Those in favor of the traffic signal, such as Londonberry Road resident Sid Thanawala, said it would be better for walkability purposes.

“With the roundabout, the pedestrian crossing isn’t always going to be manned. Walkers will have to hope a car stops,” said Thanawala. “A traffic signal is straightforward.”

Others weren’t sure either option would work, in particular regarding traffic from the new Atlanta Braves stadium opening in March in Cobb County. Other concerns included right-of-way procurement and potential use of eminent domain.

“You cannot build your way out of traffic,” said Patty Berkovitz, who lives near Powers Ferry Road and Crest Valley Drive. “If you do nothing, people will avoid coming this way and take other residential routes.”

Most agreed either improvement would alleviate problems at the intersection, but worried that the overflow could impact other streets nearby with more traffic or even commercial development.

The next step is for city staff and City Council to consider the community’s input. For more information, visit Comments are due by Feb. 10.

–Erika Elaine Wells

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  1. “Thirty three accidents…. mostly due to drivers failing to yield” That is the entitlement crowd I’ve been speaking about. Stop signs are for others. In our SandySprings traffic court running that stop sign will get you a reduced fine and sent on your way based on my experience. Teach these executives how to drive.
    Person on right goes first when both arrive, put the phone down and drive, etc… would help greatly.

    The man from Londonberry Rd. would have to walk the entire distance to that intersection without a sidewalk from lower Londonberry up PowersFerry and last I checked no sidewalks at all on Londonberry or Long Island to get him to it from the other end of Londonberry. So what’s he on about?

    Now, Two Holy Spirit Schools, Holy Innocent, Schenck School, Springmont and The Galloway are just some of the private schools that intersection serves. I’ heard about the city wanting business to change there time of ending a business day to help traffic. Any chance of sorting out the private schools?

    Again, this little issue forgets Long Island and Mt. Paran, Mt. Paran and Lake Forest, Lake Forrest and Long Island. The entire community of grid lock is left untouched by this.

    Has the roundabout fixed Riverside and 285? Ah, the roundabout isn’t the cure all is it?

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