After more than a year of work, the final design for rearranging the lanes on Buckhead’s Peachtree Road has been released by the Georgia Department of Transportation.

A GDOT illustration of what the Peachtree Road lane rearrangement would look like in the area of Peachtree Battle Avenue and Terrace Drive. The illustration is oriented with North to the right and West at the top.

The re-striping now covers 3 miles between Pharr Road and the Buford Spring Connector, a bit farther south than originally planned. It would include three southbound lanes, two northbound lanes and a two-way left-turn lane running down the middle. All lanes would be 10 feet wide.

The main change from the current configuration on most of the road is transforming one northbound travel lane into the left-turn lane.

A previous version of the re-striping plan, presented in late 2015, had different numbers of southbound and northbound lanes on two different sections of the corridor. That has been simplified into the same three southbound, two northbound lane arrangment on the entire corridor.

Bicycle lanes remain off the table. They were included in earlier plans about 18 months ago and were killed by community opposition.

The re-striping would be done along with repaving. The work will take about a year, according to a GDOT press release that did not give a timeline for starting the work.

GDOT is accepting public comments on the design through Feb. 16 but provided only a snail-mail street address for doing so. Comments can be mailed to: Eric Duff, Georgia Department of Transportation, 600 West Peachtree Street NW, 16th Floor, Atlanta, GA 30308.

John Ruch

John Ruch is an Atlanta-based journalist. Previously, he was Managing Editor of Reporter Newspapers.

3 replies on “Final design for Buckhead’s Peachtree Road lanes is released”

  1. Dear Mr. Duff,

    On behalf of the thousands of daily commuters up and down Peachtree Road, I warn you that what you are proposing is utter foolishness if it is not also paired with an ordinance denying delivery trucks the right to stop in one of the lanes of the road while making their deliveries.

    As I have for the past twenty years, I drive up and down Peachtree from the “Jesus Junction” of E/W Wesley Road to “Millennial Junction” of 12th Street twice a day, and never have I made it all the way without navigating around a suburban commuter bus, a foodservice truck, a beer truck, or a package delivery truck. These are never less than six-wheelers, and often they are 14-wheelers that are either unable or unwilling to find off-street parking while they load and unload their cargo. On the once-lightly travelled streets of Crescent Avenue and 13th Street, this is annoying but manageable. When the truck blocks the curb lane on Peachtree Road, we use the other two lanes to get past it. Under your plan, we will all squeeze by singly. Indeed, your plan will increase road rage rather than reduce it.

    Since you do not have the power to solve the problem, I urge you to stop trying to fix it. There really is no problem, yet the DOT seems bound and determined to implement a solution. Years after you ruined Pharr Road I have yet to see a single bicycle riding in the lanes marked for their exclusive use. Atlanta drivers have shown they manage their way through traffic on the highways, and they do so equally well on the city’s streets. We are a city that drives in our air conditioned cars from home to work; we don’t pedal up and down Cardiac Hill in the Atlanta heat on our way to and from our offices.

    Please leave us be.

    Bradford Young

  2. The loss of lane on Pharr Rd. And creation of shared turn lane, cause cars to scramble quickly for positions to turn right or left simultaneously…Collision course! “Buckhead Betty”

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