From Atlanta Police reports filed between Jan. 8 and Jan. 14
The following information was provided by the Zone 2 precinct of the Atlanta Police Department.

1700 block of Northside Drive — On Jan. 9, in the evening, a woman was walking up the parking deck stairs when a man grabbed her from behind and threw her on the ground. She began screaming and the man told her to “shut up.” He then took her purse and her cellphone and fled.

2859 Piedmont Road — On Jan. 9, a clothing store employee said the business was closed when a man and woman approached the front door holding merchandise. She thought they were making a delivery and let them in, but when she turned around from securing the door, they pulled a handgun on her. One told her to put her hands behind her back and face the wall. The suspect then zip-tied her hands. They then put her in a closet and told her to count to 100. The suspects took numerous amounts of designer clothes and fled.

2500 block of Piedmont Road — On Jan. 9, in the evening, the victim said a man offered to get an iPhone 7 with a discount from an electronics store. The man said he would go buy the phone and then the victim could pay him. The victim met the man in a parking lot. When the man entered the vehicle he put his hand in his pocket and demanded money. The victim was able to get a picture of the suspect before he fled. The suspect took $200.

Aggravated Assault
2100 block of Peachtree Road — On Jan. 8, in the early morning, a man was breaking up a fight between his friends when he was hit over the head with a beer bottle at a bar. There were no witnesses to the incident, no viable surveillance footage, and the victim is uncertain of who his assailant was during the altercation. There was shattered glass and blood at the scene.

900 block of East Paces Ferry Road — On Jan. 8, in the morning, a man got out of his car and was approached by another man. The suspect told him to get back in his vehicle, but the victim refused. The suspect then shot the victim as he attempted to leave. He threw him in the back of the car and asked him various questions about his financial holdings and marital status. The suspect then drove to various ATM’s until he successfully acquired $80. The suspect then fled. The victim drove himself to the hospital to receive treatment on his shot elbow.

Residential Burglary
900 block of Mount Paran Road — On Jan. 13, during the day, a rear door to a home was pried open. The cabinets and drawers showed signs of disturbance, but no items appeared to be taken from the home.

2500 block of Forrest Avenue — On Jan. 11, in the evening, two flat-screen TVs were taken from a home where a previous burglary had also been reported.

900 block of Canterbury Road — On Jan. 8, in the evening, officers responded to calls of a prowler near a residence. Upon checking the apartment, police discovered the back patio door had been forced open. A man took off on foot from the front of the apartment. Officers pursued, but ultimately lost sight of the suspect. The resident said she called 911 after seeing a shadowy figure try the door handles and knock loudly on the door. Some of the woman’s electronics had been placed in plastic bags. The victim’s car and house keys were taken.

Commercial Burglary
211 Buckhead Avenue — On Jan. 9, in the morning, surveillance footage showed an SUV arrive at a business and two people who had concealed their faces threw a brick through the business’ window. They took various clothing and handbags and fled.

1387 Northside Drive — On Jan. 8, during the day, a woman reported the lock to her storage unit had been cut. Alcohol and dresses were removed from the unit. The woman said she saw suspicious vehicles fleeing as she approached. She said similar vehicles had been present when she first moved in and that the drivers stared into her unit. During the week of Jan. 8, another unit was forced open and a 55-inch TV, Glock semi-automatic pistol, Z Gallery rhinestone floor mats, shag rug, and Bath and Body Works products were stolen.

4621 Wieuca Road — On Jan. 11, the alarm was activated at a cleaning business. A screwdriver recovered; it may have been possibly been used to pry open a drawer. No items appeared to have been taken.

365 Peachtree Hills Avenue — On Jan. 12, in the morning, the front door glass of a juice bar was shattered. Surveillance footage showed a white male suspect enter the business and take $90 cash. An iPad was also reported missing.

1825 Piedmont Avenue — On Jan. 8, in the morning, a sandwich shop employee arrived after the alarm was triggered and saw the business’ front glass had been shattered. The cash drawer was missing, but no money had been taken.

Between Jan. 8 and Jan. 14, there were 23 larcenies from vehicles reported and 20 reported cases of larceny and shoplifting.

Auto Theft
There were two reported incidents of auto theft between Jan. 8 and Jan. 14.