In response to “Why Trump order inspired my first political protest” (Reporter Newspapers, Feb. 3):

These travelers and immigrants have been much more thoroughly vetted than Trump has allowed himself to be. Why did we let him get away with it?

I suggest a new law requiring specific disclosures by presidential candidates, including (at a minimum) five years of federal income tax returns. That’s simple, straightforward and necessary to avoid the questions and turmoil that have arisen from our current president’s intransigence.

Karen Steanson

3 replies on “Letter: Immigrants are vetted better than Trump”

  1. If you want to discuss presidential vetting, start with Obama.

    People who enter America illegally are NOT vetted. As was the case under Obama, Trump understands so-called refugees from certain places cannot be vetted.

    Please tell the truth even if it’s not PC.

  2. Not only is the vetting for refugees and immigrants more than we’ve ask of Mr. Trump who’s own son claimed in 2008, Russia was a major flow of capital into the Trump organization but the consequences are greater with Trump.

    Again, I’ll say it, the nightly death and shot count on local news isn’t immigrants or refugees shooting Americans it Americans killing Americans. Funny we don’t hear the outrage about Radical Christian Terrorists like the white lad who shot a church full of blacks holding prayer while saying he had to do it because his God hadn’t.

    America has problems with gun violence but it’s coming from Americans.

  3. Why are so many people brainwashed by FOX Noise? I’ve never understood Republican obsession with illegal immigration. It is just racist to me. The Muslim ban goes against everything America stands for. I think the last time an American was killed by an illegal immigrant was 1971. You are more likely to be killed by your own clothing than by an illegal immigrant. This hate-mongering and fear-mongering by Republicans is disgusting.

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