A split Brookhaven Planning Commission voted 5-2 at its March 1 meeting to recommend denial of a developer’s rezoning request to build a 273-apartment complex in Lenox Park in the city that just east of the northern border of Atlanta’s Buckhead neighborhood.

The rezoning request now goes before the City Council March 28.

Rendering of proposed apartment buildings with 273 total apartments proposed in Lenox Park. (City of Brookhaven)

Voting to deny the request were Chair Stan Segal, Shannon Cameron, Bert Levy, Michael Diaz and Madeleine Simmons. Voting not to deny were John Funny and Conor Sen.

Members voting for denial said they did so because the community development master plan currently in place makes no mention of building apartments at the site.

WSE Development, who stated at the meeting the project is valued at $65 million, is seeking to build two buildings on an approximate 5-acre piece of property in Lenox Park, one with about 24 apartments and the other with the remaining 249 apartments. The two buildings would be connected by an aerial bridge. The development would also include a 2,000 square foot coffee shop on the ground floor.

Several residents of Lenox Park spoke out against the proposed apartment complex, citing concerns about increased traffic and not wanting more apartments in the area because, they said, the area has thousands of apartments already. They also said the community development’s master plan makes no mention of including apartments but rather commercial development.

The area shade pink is Lenox Park in Brookhaven and near the Buckhead border. Click to enlarge. (Google Maps)

The developer also stated they withdrew plans to make the coffee shop a drive-thru in response to concerns they heard from residents during public meetings before the Planning Commission meeting.

The vacant property is currently zoned for two office buildings with six and eight stories, according to plans filed with the city. Currently the land has no development on it and is green space.

A Special Land Use Permit also requested by the developer to build the apartment building at six stories rather than the allowed five stories was denied by all commissioners.

The property is located within the Lenox Park character area which was designed to include high-rise office towers, multifamily residential units, mid-rise hotels and significant open space.

Dyana Bagby

Dyana Bagby is a staff writer for Reporter Newspapers and Atlanta Intown.

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  1. All they have to do is rename the request “Zoning of 273 high end apartments”, to make the council feel comfortable that no low income, minorities will be infesting their city.

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