Bravo to Conor Sen, on his thought-provoking commentary, “Why Trump order inspired my first political protest” (Reporter Newspapers, Feb. 3).

A mean-spirited exclusion order not only denies a lifesaver for those in need, as were my parents after World War II, but damages our economy. I still have my parents’ green cards to remind me that this inspiring country welcomed them from Holocaust hell, after my family lost everyone, everything and hope. They were refugees; they were immigrants; and they purchased homes, paid taxes, raised a family and loved to their deaths their adopted country. I have no doubt that my parents, as other immigrants before and after them, made this country a better place.

Today, in addition to rejecting families running for their lives, we face a brain drain and medical practitioner deficiency with harsh and forbidding immigration practices. Thank you, Conor Sen, for protesting.

Edith Fink

Sandy Springs