Regarding the article “ICE arrests on Buford Highway draw criticism, activism” (Brookhaven Reporter, Feb. 17), kindly let me add another noun to your headline: “optimism.”

You note that the ICE law enforcement actions have drawn both criticism and activism. I, for one, and many with whom I speak (of multiple nationalities and races), have a sense of optimism that our government officials finally are doing more to fulfill one of their foremost responsibilities and duties. Indeed, we are thankful, encouraged and feel some relief that they are protecting and defending the citizens of the U.SA.

Ms. Dyana Bagby, you did a satisfactory job of reporting — unlike so many others, you resisted the temptation or arrogance to editorialize. I would have rated you higher had you given “the other side of the coin” opinions as well.

In your article, you made two clear distinctions for anyone who cares to notice: 1) the actions taken were limited, legal and targeted at criminals; and, 2) far too many legal immigrants and illegal aliens (yes, that is the factual term) pay too much attention to allegations and rumors, and too little attention to facts.

Indeed, I much prefer that criminals of all varieties have fear. I do like the fact that criminals of any kind and those who break the law are worried about the law being enforced. The previous administration utterly failed at immigration — so, from the very top to the shoes-on-the-street representatives, they said, “Just ignore the laws.”

Hopefully the “ignore the problem and ignore the law” days are over. The U.S.A.’s legal immigration system works — millions of people, including some of those mentioned in the article, are literally living proof as legal U.S.A. citizens.

William Joseph