Demolition work on a three-story parking garage off Sandy Springs’ Roswell Road on March 9 drew onlookers who watched a giant hydraulic chisel knock down concrete floors and light poles.

The destruction at 6075-6077 Roswell Road will soon also include the seven-story office tower in front of the garage. The old structures, dating to the 1960s, are coming down to make way for a new mixed-use apartment and retail project by Davis Development, recently dubbed “The Adley at City Springs.”

Onlookers watch the garage coming down.

The parking garage is built into a steep hillside and for years was topped with drive-through ATMs for a Bank of America branch formerly located in the tower. One of the ATM covers was among the first pieces of the garage to be ripped down by the chisel-tipped earthmover. A worker with a hose sprayed down concrete dust that billowed from the hammer blows.

“Sorry for the mess,” the earthmover’s driver called out to onlookers during a smoke break.

He said the chisel machine and another earthmover with a claw will be used to demolish the office tower. At the moment, the tower is being gutted, with an earthmover dragging debris out of a hole in the second floor and a small bulldozer driving around inside the building.

In two related projects last year, a Bank of America branch moved from the tower to a new building next door, and the former Sandy Springs post office on the property was demolished. The city will build a new road between Roswell Road and Boylston Drive on the north property line.

City Springs is the name of the city’s new multi-use complex under construction farther north on Roswell Road, as well as the name of a new downtown district surrounding it where the city hopes to spur redevelopment. The Adley is the second new project to include “City Springs” in its name, with the first being the Plaza at City Springs South on Roswell near Cliftwood Drive. City spokesperson Sharon Kraun said Davis did not need or request permission to use the “City Springs” name and the city is happy to see it spreading. Photos by John Ruch unless otherwise noted.

John Ruch

John Ruch is an Atlanta-based journalist. Previously, he was Managing Editor of Reporter Newspapers.