From Sandy Spring police reports Feb. 10 through Feb. 24. The following information was provided by Capt. Steve Rose.

Capt. Steve Rose


7840 Holcomb Bridge Road — On Feb. 23, just before 4 p.m., the SunTrust Bank branch was robbed after a man handed the teller a handwritten note demanding money and threatening violence if the money was not given to him. An undisclosed amount of cash was taken and the suspect placed it in a small cloth bag and left the bank.

8100 block of Colquitt Road — On Feb. 10, an apartment was burglarized after someone came in through a window. The resident is missing four rings and a watch.

100 block of Cedar Run — On Feb. 11, the resident said someone entered his apartment through a rear window and took a PS4 an, iPad, an iPod Touch, and an HP laptop.

5900 block of Roswell Road — On Feb. 13, about 2:30 a.m. cops were called to a business where they spoke with an employee who said he was working inside when three suspects in white masks attempted to break in. He walked to the door and the three jumped into a white Ford Escape vehicle and fled.

400 block of Heritage Way — On Feb. 13, a witness reported that she saw a car park in front of a neighbor’s home and watched a man get out and walk up to the home. The man later got back into his car and left, only to return a short time later, when he backed his car into the carport, opened the trunk, and then made several trips to and from his car. The officer arrived and found the home had been forcefully entered and several items taken.

7000 block of Blandford Place — On Feb. 14, between 11:30 a.m. and 1:15 p.m., the resident said several pieces of jewelry were taken. Two back doors were unlocked and no forced entry was found.

8100 block of Colquitt Road — On Feb. 14, the resident said someone entered the apartment and took a 32-inch Vizio TV, a PS3, and a laptop. The entry point was most likely a kitchen window.

5700 block of Long Island Drive — On Feb. 16, someone stole a KitchenAid stove, valued at $10,000, from the kitchen area of a home under construction. It appears the crook got inside through the unlocked garage and then dragged the stove back through the garage.

900 block of Johnson Ferry Road — Between Feb. 13 and Feb. 16, someone entered the office and took keys, belonging to the parking entrance machines; $603 in cash was stolen.

5920 Roswell Road — On Feb. 20, just before 3 a.m., two iMac computers were taken from a store. Video showed two men forcing the glass on the door and taking the stolen items.

1110 block of Hammond Drive — On Feb. 23, a construction foreman said that someone entered the east side of a building through an unlocked gate, then forced open two storage areas and took several items. Several rolls of electrical wire were stolen.

Fenwick Place — On Feb. 10,
the victim said the Veterans Administration shipped her medication to her mailing address on Feb. 7 at 4:30 p.m.; however, it appears the mail was taken before she received it.

100 Embassy Row — On Feb. 10, a 23-year-old student said she left the classroom, leaving her iPad and laptop bag behind. The bag was turned in by one of the staff but the iPad was missing.

2600 block of Spring Creek Lane — On Feb. 11, a 24-year-old man said his car has been stolen although he admitted he was a few payments behind on it.

6690 Roswell Road — On Feb. 11, a 54-year-old man said that following his workout at a gym, he received a text from his bank that a $4,919 charge had been declined at the Apple Store. He checked his wallet, finding that his driver’s license and four credit cards were missing.

On Feb. 12, a cab driver said he picked up a woman at the Magic City Strip Club in Atlanta and took her to the Wyndham Hotel on Powers Ferry Road. She said she would get her money she owed from her room. She never returned.

4920 Roswell Road — On Feb. 12,
a young woman reported she went to a grocery store and left her iPhone on the self-checkout lane. The store video shows someone picking it up and walking out with it.

5600 Roswell Road — On Feb. 12, before 10 p.m., the manager of a sports bar reported that a party of four ran out on a $72 tab. All four ran in different directions and absconded from the restaurant.

1145 Hammond Drive — On Feb. 13, a 36-year-old woman said someone stole makeup from her hotel room.

300 block of Winding River Drive — On Feb. 14, a man reported that his ex-girlfriend stole his computer tablet and changed the passwords on three Google accounts. She also sent his new girlfriend an email.

A woman called police to say that she purchased a car off Craigslist and believed it to be stolen. The officer checked it and it was indeed stolen from DeKalb County. The car was impounded.

5600 block of Roswell Road — On Feb. 15, a 58-year-old woman reported that her 2015 Honda CRV with a NC tag was stolen. It was last seen in front of a tavern at the Prado.

1155 Mt. Vernon Hwy — On Feb. 15, a 63-year-old man reported he accidentally left his cellphone in a store. He left, and then later realized he left it there, then returned to discover that the phone was gone. The phone is a Samsung Edge 7 valued at $700.

On Feb. 16, a 16-year-old student reported that while at a baseball game, his wallet and its contents were stolen from his unlocked locker.

500 block of Enclave Circle — On Feb. 16, a 2007 Honda Ridgeline was stolen from the residence.

8100 block of Colquitt Road — On Feb. 16, a maroon 2006 Chevy Malibu was stolen from the apartment parking lot.

8371 Roswell Road — On Feb. 17 ,a 26-year-old employee said that during a slow night at the restaurant where he worked, he sat at the bar doing his taxes and at one point placed his wallet on the bar, then left for a few moments. Someone stole the wallet.

400 block of Pearl Cove Court — On Feb. 17, the victim said his mail was stolen from his mailbox between Feb. 12 and Feb. 17.

7000 block of Princeton Trace — On Feb. 20, someone cut and then stole the copper wiring from 13 light poles at the tennis courts.

5501 Glenridge Drive — On Feb. 23, a 23-year-old man reported that his white 1982 Chevy S-10 was stolen during the night.

Thefts from Vehicles
Between Feb. 11 and Feb. 14, there were nine thefts from vehicles. Between Feb. 16, and Feb. 23, there were 14 thefts from vehicles.


5920 Roswell Road — On Feb. 10, security employees at a home improvement  store told officers that two men entered the store and went to the flooring department, where they picked out a carpet. They walked out with the carpet, passed the registers, and then returned to customer service, where they attempted to return the carpet for a refund of $178. They used an ID of a man that matched the ID of another fraudulent return.

A 29-year old woman called police and reported that her bank contacted her to notify her that her credit card was being used at a department store. She informed them she was not there and so the purchase was declined. She said that she was at a fast-food restaurant at 6360 Powers Ferry Road, earlier, and believes that her card was traced or copied. She recalled the employee was wiping her card with receipt paper, telling her the card was dirty. She is not sure that the card was copied but thought it was odd.

It is more convenient to pay with the debit/credit card, but you inherit the risk. Carry a few bucks in cash. 

7000 block of Glisten Ave — On Feb. 10, a 58-year-old woman said she was looking for part-time work and answered an e-mail ad on the internet for a mystery shopper. She was contacted by a woman calling herself Brenda Adkins who sent the victim a check for $3,150, which she deposited in her account that the bank later closed due to the fraudulent activity. Adkins gave a phone number listed in Jacksonville, Fla., and sent the check from Remsen, N.Y.

You should already have recognized this as a scam setup. It sounds like she deposited the check before sending funds along to a second address. Although her account was shut down from fraudulent investigation, she didn’t lose money, according to the report.

A 25-year-old man said someone opened several accounts in his name, nine total. Two were with the Department of Education.

A 77-year-old man reported that someone opened a credit account at a department store in his name. He believes that someone took mail from his box in mid-January.

An employee at a business at the Concourse said he received a fraudulent email, disguised as an email from the owner, requesting W-2 forms for his 13 employees. The email was sent to the email address. Later, the same email requested a payment to a separate account number, which made the complainant suspicious. He then found out the email had been sent from someone other than the owner and was not displayed, but rather only listed the owner’s name in the “from” slot.

On Feb. 19, just before 6 p.m., a 35-year-old woman said she received a phone call from an out-of-state number and spoke to a man with a heavy accent, described as Spanish, who said her husband had been in an accident and they were holding him until she paid them money. She went to a grocery store at 5630 Roswell Road and wired $1,000 to a woman in Puerto Rico. Once she sent the money, she called her husband and found that he was not being held or had been in an accident.

OK, I know what you women are saying right now. “I would have said, ‘Keep him. He’s not worth $1,000. Yuk-yuk.’” Well, at least my wife said that. Sadly, so many people are easily duped. Too bad. Here is a good philosophy when dealing with unsolicited conversation asking for your money: Be politely skeptical and ask questions. Usually, scammers are not so good at answering multiple questions.

On the Feb. 17, a 54-year old woman received a call from someone she described as having an Indian accent, who said she was with IRS. She was told she needed to pay $2600 or warrants would be served. Unfortunately, she complied and went to Wal-Mart and purchased iTunes Cards for that amount.

5900 block of Roswell Road — On Feb. 21, a 17-year-old said he placed an ad on an internet sales site to sell a set of stereo speakers. A man named “Shawn” contacted him and made arrangements to meet. He gave the victim a $240 check and showed him an Alabama driver’s license. The check came back as fraudulent a couple of days later and the driver’s license was a fake, too. The victim did say the man was in an 18-wheeler and apparently making a delivery.

A 57-year-old woman said she answered an internet ad for work and was contacted by an HR person looking to expand into the Atlanta area. The victim received a check for $2,450with instructions to send $2,400 of it to another account.  She later received a check for $3,650 with similar instructions, but now she was suspicious. She received numerous text messages threatening legal action if she did not forward money. She was informed by her bank that $2,400 was being deducted from her account and it was now closed due to fraudulent activity.

I’m hoping that most of you realized this scam early on, since they are frequently listed in my reports. That little light bulb up there represents when you should have recognized the scam, being an unsolicited check sent to you with instructions to keep some, but send the rest to a separate address.

A 40-year old limo driver reported that he was hired by a man to make a couple of round trips to Milledgeville, Ga., with several stops in between. He later found the credit card used was stolen. The value of the trips totaled $1,240.


5610 Roswell Road — On Feb. 10, security officers at a discount department store observed a man who picked up a iRobot Vacuum Cleaner and left the store without paying for it. Officers were notified and were at the store when the man walked out. He was detained and then arrested on felony shoplifting charges. It appears this is connected to previous vacuum cleaner thefts at this and other locations by more than one person. The person arrested was wanted in DeKalb County for shoplifting as well.

On Feb. 12, following a traffic stop on Roswell Road, the driver was found to have two outstanding warrants from Atlanta Police on traffic charges. He was turned over to APD.

On Feb. 16, an officer responding to a suspicious car on Hammond Drive detected an odor of marijuana from the car after the driver rolled the window down. The passenger was cited for possession (8 oz.) but the driver was jailed after a warrant was found on his record, from Franklin County.

6120 Peachtree-Dunwoody Road — On Feb. 18, about 6 p.m., officers were called to a hotel to meet the staff to investigate drug use inside two rooms. The staff initially tried to investigate but the guests refused to let them in. The officers went to the rooms and entered, smelling marijuana and located the guests, who, surprisingly, were packing up to leave. One of the guests was on parole and probation on a felony burglary charge, and was not supposed to be involved with alcohol or drugs, which he was. He was also in possession of a 9mm gun, stolen from South Carolina. He was jailed on several felony charges.

5610 Roswell Road — On Feb. 20, loss prevention staff at a discount department store watched a male take two box sets of cards and conceal them, then try and leave the store. He was arrested for the $89 theft.

Other Things

Gettysburg Place and Roberts Drive — On Feb. 11, just after midnight, a traffic sergeant observed a car on Ga. 400 in the northbound emergency lane moving at about 95 mph. The car exited onto Northridge where the police unit lit up the blue lights. The car then fled. The sergeant, having only traffic charges, terminated the stop when he realized the car was accelerating to elude him. Minutes later, the sergeant drove up on the car at Dunwoody Lakes/Dunwoody Hills Condos, where it had wrecked into the brick sign; he found that the driver fled. A passing motorist said she saw a male running into the woods. A search was initiated but the driver was not located. Inside the car were a couple of grams of cocaine, pills, syringes, a cellphone and $4. A .22-caliber Rohm pistol also was recovered.

An 18-year-old woman reported that someone, whom she did not know, knocked on her door. She believes the man is involved in drugs. Furthermore, she said her cousin owes this person around $800, although she’s not sure it’s for drugs. The man has consistently hounded her for this debt to be paid and offered to erase the debt in exchange for sex, something she will not do.

A 27-year-old man said he was driving on Abernathy beneath Ga. 400 on Feb. 12. He has a rear window with the following writing: “No Ban, No War, No Trump.” A truck pulled up next to him and a man yelled obscenities at him, including the dreaded f-word. The driver of the truck then accelerated, causing exhaust smoke to obscure the man’s view. Both vehicles pulled onto Williamson Road. The truck then made a U-turn and drove away, again dispensing exhaust smoke. The man in the car took, or said he took, a photo. The tag on the truck came out to a nearby address. The officer spoke with the person at the house the truck was registered to. The man acknowledged seeing the car and writing on the window, but he and his passenger denied making those statements.

8200 block of Roswell Road — On Feb. 12, around 7 p.m., a patrol officer spotted a man in the center of Northridge Road, picking up items from the road. The officer stopped and spoke to the man, and noticed he was bleeding about the side of his head. A car stopped at a nearby gas station and that driver exited and appeared to be upset with the man who was in the center of the road. Turns out the man had taken a taxi from Stone Mountain to Sandy Springs and refused to pay the $120 fare, then jumped from the moving car. He claimed the driver pushed him out of the moving car, from the back seat. Neither man was arrested. The injured man declined medical attention.

A woman reported that she received a Valentine’s card at her office. The card had a rather lame poem but an excerpt read: “I would like to be our Valentine. I want to be our moon cause cool, calm, and always there.” She said the note was delivered with chocolate and flowers.

6650 Roswell Road — On Feb. 17, cops responded to a restaurant and met with the manager, who said a couple purchased shots of liquor but now refused to pay. The man said the shots were too expensive. He said the bartender offered the shots for free and he therefore, would not pay. The officer said if he did not, he would be arrested for stealing the liquor. The man said he would rather go to jail than pay.