Andre Pollard

Occupation: Computer Systems Engineer

Previous experience holding elected offices: None.

Andre Pollard.

Other community service experience: Strategic Partner to Alpharetta Technology Commission; founded Alpharetta Venture & Incubator Meetup Group (about 500 members); organizer of Alpharetta Rails Coders Meetup Group (about 360 members); founder of Alpharetta Ionic II Meetup Group (about 56 members).

Why should the voters choose you for this position?

First, you should not need to raise millions of dollars to run for Congress. Let’s break the trend and send everyone a message by picking the better representatives. Based on my experiences, I represent more of District 6 residents than any of my opponents. I am married to a Latino. I have two teenage daughters, one in college, the other in high school. I have two smaller children, a 4-year-old daughter and an 18-month-old son. The same challenges many of my neighbors face, I also experience many of those and understand their cares, challenges and concerns.

What is the biggest issue facing the district and how will you address it?

Transportation is the biggest issue facing our district. We already increased taxes to help, but if the president provides infrastructure dollars, then we should take advantage of that opportunity to speed up our plans. We will let the smart-technology people come up with solutions to help make our commute shorter, provide better ride-share apps, and promote more natural gas and electric vehicles.

Tom Price, the former 6th District congressman, was a strong critic of the Affordable Care Act and is now in the Trump administration working to replace it. What is your position on the ACA and will you work with or against Price to replace it? 

I have a great deal of respect for Dr. Price and his passion for healthcare. However, I would be opposed to a complete replacement. Imagine our seniors having to go through this process again. A better solution: Let’s identify the top things wrong with ACA and propose sensible solutions to address each of them.

John Ruch

John Ruch is an Atlanta-based journalist. Previously, he was Managing Editor of Reporter Newspapers.