I cringe when Mayor Paul starts talking about a light-rail solution to our traffic problem. (“Mayor pushes for light rail system,” Sandy Springs Reporter, March 3.) Light rail is an extremely costly, guaranteed money-losing proposition that always overpromises and under-delivers, and requires massive taxpayer subsidies to operate. You could run buses for probably 100 years for the cost of extending MARTA rail.

There are other simpler solutions to alleviate traffic. Congestion pricing on highways. Incentives to businesses to encourage their employees to work from home. Or people can simply make a conscious decision to live closer to work.

Daryl Polster
Sandy Springs

4 replies on “Letter: Light rail is no solution for traffic woes”

  1. Daryl – please run for city council. Even if it would be just a lot of 5-1 votes up there on the stage, it’s important that the voice of residents be heard.

    The Atlanta Streetcar is exhibit A. Roswell Road cant handle traffic as is with 4 lanes plus a turn lane…can you imagine if light rail gobbled up some of the existing lanes?

  2. On paragraph one: Don’t worry Rusty is not just a name but his ideas. Rusty is promoting the existing, light rail where it is. Rusty is not, the comprehensive plan/ten year plan show no light rail anywhere but it’s existing location. Rusty is running for reelection on what he perceives is the id to get him to the top, Transportation. No light rail east to west across the city nor bus across Mt. Paran Rd., Lake Forest, Powers Ferry or any meaningful change to the current standard.

    On paragraph two:

    Keep your car Mr. Polster, they’ll be another Poll coming out soon and Rusty could just change his mind.

  3. Daryl, I don’t disagree that light rail may no be the best solution to the traffic woes in and around perimeter center, or the metro as a whole. However you offer no alternative solutions. We can’t just keep saying, we don’t want to pay for transportation options, and the only option is just make everybody work from home.

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