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  1. Ok. They spent $175k for design and consultation for guidelines on how to use it. Now, how much is it going to cost to replace the old logo on the street signs, the park signs, city uniforms, city vehicles, etcs??? TO MUCH MONEY!!! An investigation should be held to see who influenced this decision.

    A logo is a logo. So, why replace one if you already have one that works…The new Sandy Springs logo is a MAJOR step back from the previous design. The new logo tells the direction of the city. Sandy Springs officials care less about “depicting rivers and trees..” and more about making things cookie-cutter.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Sandy Springs needs a CITY SEAL like the one the City of Atlanta has had for over a Century! It has served them well enough to land major business so the idea that Sandy Springs needed new branding within 10yrs of being a City is asinine.

    1. For the reasons you stated and many, many others the entire city council and the mayor need to be voted out of office in November. Hopefully, there will be good alternative candidates.

  2. City leaders have lost sight of how to lead our city. They throw dollars around as if it is limitless and always available. They continually approve developments to increase the tax base with no regard to infrastructure. The City of Sandy Springs needs a moratorium on developments for 5 years. But, our leaders won’t do that because of their developer friends that have hijacked the system and the constant pressure of being sued. Maybe our leaders should spend some of our taxes to defend a moratorium. Better spent on that than logos.

  3. Ms. Kraun,

    I don’t think anyone could have given a more thorough reason for your firing than you just gave. As the Director of Communications and Media your own lack of ability it appears required spending to be told how to communicate the logo and city vision to the public. What you describe as paying others for is exactly your job description.

    While the small, tightly held company you work for is being paid by tax payer dollars it’s their job to hire those who can perform within a strict budget. Spending additional tax payer dollars to find someone capable of doing the job you’re task to do is wasteful spending.

    Perhaps you and the elected officials using the Reporter as a place to hang talking points could actually respond to those who elected to you when they comment. As you just said, No Comment is a Comment. Ignoring the citizens outrage at the rants posted here by Sandy Springs officials, indeed, speaks volumes.

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