Thanks to Mayor Rusty Paul and the City Council for their concern over the issue of affordable and safe housing in Sandy Springs. (“New zoning code tackles affordability,” March 31.)

The burst of housing construction in our city is impressive. With all of these new, luxury, live/work/play complexes will come increased economic activity. New shops, restaurants and cultural events will benefit our community. Yet, nearly every single unit being built is unaffordable to the majority of our residents.

Even the new homes being built in many older neighborhoods are unaffordable to the majority of people who already reside in those neighborhoods. This is great news for homeowners. The value of our homes climbs with every million-dollar house that replaces an older ranch or split-level.

But for economic, traffic and moral considerations, we should have policies like other thriving cities — policies that encourage safe, affordable housing for those who work in retail shops or our restaurants or any job that pays less per year than the median income for Sandy Springs. If we don’t, our streets will be even more clogged as these hard-working people spend more and more time traveling in and out of our city.

Currently, the city has no coherent policy and the proposal set forth in the recent study is grossly inadequate. With mayoral and City Council elections to take place later this year, now is the time for the majority of residents to support candidates who will support policies that expand the affordable housing stock.

Don McAdam
Sandy Springs

3 replies on “Letter: Sandy Springs needs a better affordable housing policy”

  1. It would appear that SS has an abundance of low-end housing. Are there any studies with actual data that provide a view of what the real situation is? Government subsidies should always be avoided. While it is “hateful” to ask – is the heavy influx of illegal immigrants a more significant factor?

    1. Think again,

      No it’s not illlegal immigrants anymore than Radical Islamic Terrorist’s. That means stop blaming something other than poor leadership. It’s under paid Americans need a place to live and Americans killing Americans. A Christian waving a KKK flag or Confederate flag killing with a gun is Radical Christian Terrorism. Wake up.

  2. Economic isolation happens when a small town government put’s all there eggs in one basket. First eliminate all but the housing for the top of the economic ladder. Then drive up the price of rents for small business pushing them and their owners out along with the employees. While you’re doing that ignore public transportation beyond a car leaving no space for an alternative. At this point the economic structure is under pressure, roads clogged to parking lot status. Next business starts leaving, then people. Social, economic isolation is a known failure.

    Legal immigrants aren’t all poor. Small business owners aren’t all rich.

    I’d suggest that all candidates for Sandy Springs mayor be put in a room and made to play Sim City. IF they fail at the game their name taken off list of candidates. Actually do that for all city candidates.

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