Editor’s note: In this new series, dining reviewer Megan Volpert discusses food with citizens of Atlanta who are prominent for non-food-related reasons. For this installment, she spoke to Bert Weiss, namesake radio jockey for morning funny business on Q100 FM’s “The Bert Show,” which broadcasts from Sandy Springs.

Q100 DJ Bert Weiss. (Special)

How do you like your eggs cooked?

Well, I ate egg whites each and every morning for about 10 years until I just found out I have a food sensitivity to … egg whites! And a sensitivity to yolks as well. So … none.

What are your two favorite things to put in mac and cheese, other than the mac and the cheese?

Hot dogs. Sausage.

Where’s a good place to go for a business lunch?


Wine and beer, or the hard stuff, or none at all?

Vodka! Tito’s specifically. Or tequila, Casa Dragones.

A lot of people with stomach sensitivities have to eat the same stuff at the same time every day. Could we set a clock by what you’re eating?

Oh, yeah. It’s so boring. I have had stomach problems for the better part of 20 years. I had food allergy tests done and I tested allergic or sensitive for 42 different foods. So, I’m learning to eat totally differently now. It’s super boring. I have never enjoyed the theater of eating, so the adjustments haven’t been that big a deal.

You’re a pretty healthy eater, but what is your guilty pleasure snack food? Favorite food for a football tailgate?

Pizza! My kids kill me. I do so well then they come in the house and it’s always pizza. It’s my food kryptonite.

What are your feelings about red velvet cake?


Is there any food so disgusting to you that you just won’t eat it?

Weiss downs some goat cheese on the air. (Special)

Goat cheese is my nemesis food. (See awkward photo.)

Who does most of the cooking in your house? Who cooked while you were growing up, and are you teaching your sons to cook?

Cooking has never been a priority in my life. My mom was an awful cook. My dad was terrible. When I moved out I ate mostly frozen foods. I’ve just signed up with Blue Apron to force me into learning how to follow a recipe. For as healthy as I eat, it’s terrible how I don’t make my kids eat healthier.

Is Atlanta’s cuisine scene missing anything you loved to eat in San Diego?

Well, those little dive Mexican restaurants are great in Atlanta. They just aren’t as abundant as they are back home. Taco Veloz, Cuernavaca and Taquito Express at the BP on Peachtree in Chamblee are my faves.

What is the most memorable food-related story you’ve got from your time on “The Bert Show”?

We have food challenges every time a famous chef comes in. Everybody works so hard on them. I didn’t come in last place when I simply used the contents inside a ham-and-cheese Hot Pocket. The “Bert Show” member that came in last was so hurt that she couldn’t talk about it for years.

–Megan Volpert

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