A developer has withdrawn his plans for a 16-house subdivision on Sandy Springs’ Glenridge Drive.

Betancourt Communities’ proposal to replace five existing houses on Glenridge south of Glenairy Drive went through many twists and turns since it was filed last summer. After reducing the number of houses from 20 to 16, among other changes, the plan got neighborhood support. But by then, not all of the current owners were willing to renegotiate their deals and the plan fell through, said Betancourt president Steve Ficarra at the April 18 Sandy Springs City Council meeting.

At a previous council appearance last December, Ficarra had expressed uncertainty about keeping the deal alive after councilmembers suggested various numbers of houses that might meet with approval.

At the April 18 meeting, where the council accepted the withdrawal, Councilmember Chris Burnett said he wished the plan could have continued.

“I’m disappointed because I think this was an opportunity to do a good project that would have pleased the neighbors,” Burnett said. “But it didn’t work out.”

John Ruch

John Ruch is an Atlanta-based journalist. Previously, he was Managing Editor of Reporter Newspapers.

4 replies on “Plans for Sandy Springs subdivision are withdrawn”

  1. I guess our city council thinks that every development should be approved. How can replacing 5 existing homes with 16 replacement homes benefit the community? The concern is never about the impact on schools, traffic or infrastructure. Or, the citizens that are truly affected by these ridiculous decisions. The concern is only about how to please the developer and the city has a recent history of doing so. Like it has been reported before, any development east of Roswell Road gets the green light, whereas any development proposal west of Roswell Road is never brought to the Planning Department. The City will continue to sacrifice the area east of Roswell Road to continue it’s growing tax base. Sandy Springs needs an anti-development movement to shut down the circus that is sanctioned by the clowns.

  2. Ralph,

    Are you from Communist China or Georgia? Since when is it your business if 5 home owners agree at a fair price to sell their homes?

    Look- Atlanta/SS is growing. I know, this is kind of old news. If country living is what you seek, or an area that never ever gets traffic or grows much- unfortunately the city is changing whether you like it or not.

    1. Apparently not all 5 homeowners agreed on their deals…Development in Atl/ss is not old news neither is uncontrolled and greedy developers. Seems to me that complete deference to govt. decisions on growth is more “communist” than not. I applaud citizen involvement,afterall we pay the taxes and elect the representatives (and sit in the traffic).

  3. Brett-
    Your comment leaves little doubt of where your loyalties lie. As a life long resident of SS who was involved with the original intent of cityhood, this was not what we signed on for. Developers have truly seized this city and our elected officials do little to slow down the process. Your developer instincts notwithstanding, there are no rules that state that anything a developer dreams of should be approved. We need VERY smart growth at this time. We have little, if any, thoughtful process in the city limits. Sandy Springs is a mess. You and your developer friends know it and don’t care.

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