Claude “Tex” McIver was indicted April 27 on murder charges for the September 2016 shooting death of his wife, Diana McIver.

Diane McIver.

In addition to the felony and malice murder charges, McIver is charged with three counts of unlawfully influencing a witness, according to a Fulton County District Attorney’s office press release. Each count carries two to ten years in prison if convicted, the release says.

The couple were passengers in a vehicle driving though Midtown when Tex McIver shot Diane McIver in what he maintains was an accident.

McIver was previously indicted on manslaughter and reckless conduct charges in December 2016 and was released on bond. Now facing murder charges, McIver was arrested with a warrant that doesn’t allow for bond, according the release.

He will be assigned to a Fulton County Superior Court judge in the coming days and be arraigned shortly after that, the release says.