Sandy Springs is in the process of demolishing four Hammond Drive houses it bought last year as placeholders for a potential road widening years from now.

The house at 380 Hammond was the first to go, reduced to a chimney and a pile of rubble by May 3. The houses at 400, 418 and 550 Hammond will come down by the end of the month, city Facilities Manager David Wells said at a May 2 City Hall budget hearing.

A chimney was all that remained standing at 380 Hammond Drive on May 3. (John Ruch)

Last year, the city purchased seven residential properties on Hammond for the controversial widening concept. While the widening is just entering a study phase, city officials said they wanted to buy the properties now due to skyrocketing real estate prices.

Two of the properties were already in the midst of redevelopment when the city bought them. One of the remaining houses, 521 Hammond, is being used for a city pilot program in providing affordable housing to public safety employees.

The local Glenridge Hammond Neighborhood Association previously voiced concerns about the maintenance of the properties during the years that a widening study and any actual construction would take. Wells said that some of the Hammond houses had problems with people trying to break in. After the houses are demolished, the lots will be planted with grass and maintained, he said.

The following is the status of the seven city-bought Hammond properties as of May 3:

  • 372 Hammond: Vacant lot; it was in the midst of redevelopment when purchased.
  • 380 Hammond: Demolished.
  • 400 Hammond: To be demolished this month.
  • 418 Hammond: To be demolished this month.
  • 521 Hammond: Affordable housing for a Sandy Springs Police officer.
  • 550 Hammond: To be demolished this month.
  • 590 Hammond: Vacant lot; it was in the midst of redevelopment when purchased.

John Ruch

John Ruch is an Atlanta-based journalist. Previously, he was Managing Editor of Reporter Newspapers.

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  1. The City also owns the lot at the SW corner of Hammond and Kayron that it bought several years ago when the deterioration of storm water pipes underneath forced the purchase. That is a Kayron address, I think 5991, but in fact this means the City has 8 lots on Hammond. Whatever happens to Hammond the storm pipes under here will need repair, adding a lot to the ~ 400k+ it paid for the house. Thanks for your reporting, John.

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