The city of Sandy Springs plans to build a large parking lot on Trowbridge Road as home for a 90-vehicle fleet that won’t fit at its new City Springs site.

The current City Hall at 7840 Roswell Road is rented space in an office park with plentiful surface parking. About a year from now, City Hall will move into City Springs, a mixed-use development on Roswell at Johnson Ferry Road, with fewer parking spaces and most of them in an underground garage.

The Public Works storage area at 7477 Trowbridge Road that the city wants to turn into vehicle parking. (John Ruch)

To store the city’s dozens of vehicles needed for road work, inspections and similar functions, the city is eyeing a Public Works facility at 7477 Trowbridge, near the Roswell Road intersection and next door to the Publix supermarket.

“We’d like to build an adjacent lot,” said City Manager John McDonough at a May 16 city budget meeting at City Hall. “We simply don’t have space at City Springs to park 85 or 90 vehicles there.”

The entire Public Works property is just under 1 acre in size. About half of the property is occupied by a garage building, which would remain. The other half includes a wooded area and a lot currently used to store piles of sand and salt. McDonough said the parking lot plan targets the storage lot area, which would be paved and fenced.

City vehicles would be parked on the new lot. The idea is that city workers would drive directly to that site, park their personal vehicles, and drive off in their city vehicles; then reverse the process at day’s end.

The police department headquarters and its police vehicle fleet is remaining at 7840 Roswell Road after City Springs opens. Creating a new public safety headquarters on a separate site from City Springs is in the city’s long-range plan.

John Ruch

John Ruch is an Atlanta-based journalist. Previously, he was Managing Editor of Reporter Newspapers.

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  1. There goes more trees for asphalt! The city is cutting trees with no end in site? Pretty soon Sandy Springs will be similar to Greenland – not a tree to be seen! Are they planting any new trees or will they leave trees around the perimeter of the property?

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