Capt. Steve Rose of the Sandy Springs Police Department provided the following information from the department’s records.  The following incidents and arrests represent some, but not all, of the reports filed with Sandy Springs police between May 13 and May 18.

Sandy Springs Capt. Steve Rose


100 block of Allen Road — On May 18, an employee reported that someone unlocked a gate to a construction site and took several construction items.

1000 block of Crest Valley Drive — On May 13, a 54-year-old man said he and his roommate left for the Dominican Republic on May 6 and on return, discovered that the roommate’s room had been gone through. Two watches were stolen from the home. No forced entry.


300 block of Carpenter Drive — On May 14, a 19-year-old woman reported that $1,000 cash was stolen from her purse in the employee area of the office building she works in. There were only two other employees in that area at that time and video may well show one or both walking to the area where the purse was at the time of theft.

Don’t leave $1,000 cash in your purse anywhere.

800 block of Davis Drive — On May 15, someone hooked up a gas line to the (wrong side) of the resident’s gas meter.

900 block of Crest Valley Drive — On May 15, the resident reported mail taken from his mailbox. (An arrest was made that is most likely connected and will clear this theft—see arrests.)

5700 block of Roswell Road — On May 16, a 43-year-old man said he had an MRI done at the location and during that time, left his clothing in the locker room of the facility. At some point, someone stole a ring from the locker area.

200 block of Northwood Drive — On May 17, a 2002 Ford Expedition was stolen from his apartment and later found in a nearby apartment complex.

Thefts from Vehicles

Between May 13 and May 17, there were eight thefts from vehicles.


5925 Roswell Road — On May 16, cops were called to a restaurant around 7:30 p.m. regarding a theft. The complainant said a man and woman had just stolen $350 cash from his backpack and keys from a valet stand. The witness said the man gave the woman a $20 bill from the money, which she put in her pocket. The witness and victim lost contact with the pair. A lookout was given and a short time later, another officer spotted a woman who matched the description, on Roswell Road, south of the location. The witness ID’ed her and she was charged with the theft. (The $20 was still in her pocket.) The male suspect was not located. She told the officer his name was “Eddie” and she had just met him. She claimed she found the backpack, assuming that no one owned it. She was transported to jail.

5975 Roswell Road— On May 17, officers were called to the location around 7 p.m. regarding a drunken female outside a restaurant/bar. The cops found her, slurring, smelling of booze and unsteady. They offered to call her a taxi and get her home. She was initially cooperative and took a liking to one of the officers, whom she tried to kiss. He respectfully declined, so she got mad and cursed him out, as well as everyone else. Still, at this point, they hoped she would get into the taxi, but she continued to curse and act belligerent. She was arrested and taken to the hospital to be cleared to be sent to jail. They kept her for observation because she was so intoxicated. .

Ga. 400/Abernathy — On May 13, around 1:30 a.m., a patrol officer spotted a car on Ga. 400 doing 75 in a construction zone. He stopped the car. He said he smelled unburnt marijuana. The driver’s backpack had about 69 grams of weed in individual “zips” as well as a Taurus pistol. The man was arrested.

6350 Roswell Road — On May 13, the loss prevention staff at a discount club store observed a man place shrimp and salad down his pants and attempt to walk out of the store. He was stopped and later cited by cops for the $12 theft.

The items were recovered from his pants and immediately burned by a local HAZMAT Team.

Mount Paran Road— On May 13, just before 7 p.m., a patrol car was dispatched on a suspicious car and persons looking into and taking mail from mailboxes in the area of Mount Paran. The car was described as a Nissan Altima. The officer spotted a mail truck and knowing that thieves sometimes tail them to look for mail, he hung around the area. Shortly thereafter, near Mount Paran and Long Island, he spotted a car matching the description. He stopped the car, which contained a couple and a young child. The officer spoke with the man for a few minutes and then asked to search the car. The driver refused. In the meantime, another officer spoke with the witness, specifically regarding how the suspects were dressed. The witness accurately described the man being interviewed by the officer. The man was arrested for criminal trespass and a number of mail items were located in the car. Sandy Springs, Suwanee, Atlanta and Canton addresses were among the mail items recovered from the car. Detectives later interviewed the suspect before being taken to jail. The woman was not charged and took custody of the child and arranged to be taken from the scene. The car was impounded.

Other Things

4920 Roswell Road — On May 15, violence broke out at a normally tranquil pizza restaurant when, at about 7 p.m., an employee pepper-sprayed another employee. Apparently, an argument ensued over the placement of the cheese and pepperoni on a pizza or pizzas in general. The debate turned into an argument, to the point where a third employee separated them. The agitator and pizza-placement critic left the location, but returned a short time later with a can of pepper spray. The spray was discharged, hitting the pizza maker on the arm, but not the eyes. The suspect left. The officer called him. He told the officer not to call back. A warrant was taken for the suspect for disorderly conduct.

5800 block of Glenridge Drive — On May 18, a 47-year old man said an old friend contacted him last July, offering a water deal he was into in Texas. He wanted a $6,700 investment that would yield a $20,000 return. Needless to say, the victim received nothing and cannot find a record of the water deal. The friend is now laying low and cannot be located.