Democratic Congressional candidate Jon Ossoff has picked up his first endorsements from city elected officials in the 6th District, with Dunwoody City Councilmember Lynn Deutsch and Sandy Springs Councilmember Andy Bauman voicing support in June 2 statements.

Many other local officials – including the mayors and several councilmembers of Dunwoody and Sandy Springs – have endorsed Republican candidate Karen Handel or attended her campaign rallies.

Sandy Springs City Councilmember Andy Bauman

“Today, I cast my vote for Jon Ossoff in the special election to fill the 6th Congressional District seat vacated by Tom Price,” said Bauman, a political independent, in a written statement carefully worded to note he was speaking as a resident, not a councilmember.

“During this long and grueling campaign, Jon has demonstrated the necessary character and temperament for the job,” Bauman said in the statement. “His opponent, by contrast, has a long-established track record of outdated and backwards thinking on many of the very important values issues of our time.”

Deutsch attended an Ossoff rally featuring U.S. Rep. John Lewis held June 2 near the North Fulton Government Service Center, an early voting site in Sandy Springs.

“I’m here to support Jon Ossoff because my priorities are healthcare and the economy,” said Deutsch, who declined to state her political affiliation. “I think Jon Ossoff will be the better congressperson. He will be a very effective congressperson because he’s worked on Capitol Hill and shares many of the same priorities of the residents of the 6th District.”

Dunwoody City Councilmember Lynn Deutsch

Bauman described an era where Americans are “a divided nation, a divided Congressional District, and for that matter, even divided among family and friends” and said that President Trump was a factor in his decision to vote for Ossoff.

“I believe that Mr. Trump’s decorum, instability and callous disregard for the truth make him unfit and unworthy of the most important job in the world,” Bauman said.

Chamblee City Councilmember Brian Mock has spoken in favor of Ossoff in social media posts as well.

Brookhaven Mayor Jon Ernst, a Democrat, said June 2 he is not endorsing a candidate in the race.

Dunwoody Mayor Denis Shortal and Sandy Springs Mayor Rusty Paul attended a local Handel rally featuring U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan last month. Among the local councilmembers publicly supporting Handel are Dunwoody’s Terry Nall, Doug Thompson and Pam Tallmadge; Brookhaven’s Joe Gebbia and Bates Mattison; and Sandy Springs’ Chris Burnett, Ken Dishman and Gabriel Sterling.

Handel and Ossoff are vying in a June 20 runoff election for the 6th Congressional District seat formerly held by Republican Tom Price.

–John Ruch and Dyana Bagby

John Ruch

John Ruch is an Atlanta-based journalist. Previously, he was Managing Editor of Reporter Newspapers.

5 replies on “Ossoff picks up endorsements from two councilmembers in Dunwoody, Sandy Springs”

  1. If the old comments are that telling fairey tales will get you either struck by lightning or a very long nose then Andy Bauman should look extremely different or be in hospital tommorow.It is really hard to find any concrete worthwhile thing his candidate has done,Went to school,had a part time job,worked as a junior flunky in washinton and has tried to help make a few short movies.At least a third of what he has done has been done by students in high school.Since I have been head of a number of high tech companies in Atlanta, would I hire him.He claims he can do a lot for technology companies.The answer is NO–he has no skills or experience to help a company be great We have enough fairey tale people in Washington now—why would anyone want another. He says he can help exports.The only experience he has that helps a business grow in exports is mailing a letter or package overseas.If this move by Bauman is any indication of his thinking, he needs to see a DR for early dementia indicators.NO wonder our property taxes go up with people like this in Sandy Springs Govt.

    1. I am not sure who or what you represent but the negativity and character assasination is right out of the Trump play book… we don’t need another rubber stamp politician in Washington! What ever Donald Trump puts forward Handel will support. Quite frankly the long term affects are deeply concerning.
      You mention that you have bounced around to a number of tech companies… I understand why… you would not last in my employ for very long with the attitude you represent.

      1. ballot does not have Trump on it , so Bauman can relax.Character assassination: see Bauman statement. Lots of rubber stamps on both sides. Any reason to vote FOR one of these candidates ? (Mabye Handel will buy me some nice chairs or Ossoff will make a movie of my life…)

    2. Jim,

      Relax, put the script down, rehashing commercials isn’t necessary.

      Mr. Ossoff, while young, has completed and worked in the bounds of the Washington political campus like many before him in the page, assistant, intern, entry level programs that help run our government. He’s educated, speaking on behalf of the generation that will be here much longer than you and I. Most importantly, he put his name on the ballot and got out in the public to gather support, something you nor I have done.

      In the current climate it really is best to have someone who is working for his peers, constituents futures more than personal gain. Ms. Handel has clearly shown willing to run for any office available to her, truly succeeding in none. It’s ego, personality for Handel. It’s working for a future, building a career and name based on public service more so for Ossoff.

      I’ll ignore the rhetoric of name calling but offer some advice. Someone who’s been head of many tech companies is necessarily a good thing. Lack of focus, failure to perform or quick to conquer are the choices. Living thru the tech cycle like I did also I question how you would have needed to work at all if you are such a great tech boss to denigrate those in public service work for much less responsible for much more.

      Good for Mr. Ossoff and his endorsements hopefully Ms. Handle has collected some as well.

      There is quite the mess to clean up in Washington. The United States is quickly a tarnished jewel who’s future needs a stronger foundation than a fragile, hollow soul.

  2. I was very elated to see that we actually have local politicians of courage and integrity – in Dunwoody City Councilmember Lynn Deutsch and Sandy Springs Councilmember Andy Bauman. In these turbulent times, true leadership, modeled by good people who are courageously willing to selflessly serve their community and withstand the denigration of small-minded persons, is very very welcome.

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