The Atlanta City Council passed a resolution June 5 asking Fulton County to delay approving the 2017 tax assessments until a review can be done, citing dramatic increases in homeowners’ property values.

Councilmember Mary Norwood, who represents Post 2 at-large, read the resolution and said she has heard of assessments more than doubling.

The resolution asks the county to delay approving the tax assessment digest until a comprehensive review that explains the methodology to citizens is done. Citizens have 45 days from receiving the assessments to appeal, which ends July 10.

The city has a responsibility to protect citizens from the negative effects of gentrification, “random” double digit increases, and possible displacement, Norwood said.

Councilmember Yolanda Adrean, who represents District 8, which includes parts of Buckhead, said the tax increases have been excessive.

“The digest should represent the most reasonable estimate of what properties are worth,” Adrean said.

Councilmember Howard Shook, who represents District 7, which encompasses parts of Buckhead, read a different resolution that calls for the chief tax assessor to appear before city council on June 14 to explain the methodology behind the assessments. That resolution was also passed unanimously.