The Fulton County Board of Assessors voted June 15 to not rescind 2017 property tax assessments, saying they do not have the authority. The board also said they do not have the authority to freeze property values at 2016 levels.

County Commissioner John Eaves had requested the board to rescind the tax assessments and freeze property values. Eaves has said asking residents to pay so much more in taxes in a short period of time is “unjust”.

The requests from Eaves and the subsequent Board of Assessors vote came in response to frustration from the community over sometimes dramatic increases in property values. The board held an emergency meeting June 8, but opted not to act on Eaves’ request at the meeting and delayed it to the June 15 meeting. The vote came after the board spent about an hour in executive session to discuss the issue privately. Before going into executive session, the board heard public comment.

Eaves and Chief Appraiser Dwight Robinson held several town hall meetings, including one in Buckhead, in the past week on the tax assessments to get public feedback and answer questions.

Residents have until July 10 to appeal their property assessment.