It is simply outrageous that a monument to the so-called comfort women of Korea is being placed in Brookhaven. (“Comfort women” memorial brings swift backlash,” June 9.)

America had nothing to do with the so-called comfort women. The Korean community is imposing their vicious, unforgiving cultural war on Japan on America. The Koreans are culturally bullying Americans. Americans should side with our long-term ally Japan in Korea’s vicious campaign of cultural war that the Koreans are waging against Japan.

It is time to bring our troops home from Korea. Our American troops are being held hostage to North Korea. The U.S. should launch a massive nuclear attack on North Korea, which is developing nuclear weapons it says it will use against America. Unfortunately, if the U.S. attacks North Korea, the North will attack U.S. troops in South Korea. Thus, it is necessary to remove U.S. troops from South Korea in order that America can attack North Korea.

The U.S. should wash its hands of the Korean Peninsula. If North Korea and South Korea want to go to war, let them.

I urge all citizens of Brookhaven to demand that the so-called comfort women monument not be placed in Brookhaven and to strongly side with the besieged Japanese, who are being assailed by the vicious Koreans.

Keith Watkins

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  1. Glad to hear your voice Keith, as well as the comment from Councilmember John Park.

    The Korean community is thriving in Georgia and KIA is the most prominent example of success in business.
    What do the business community in Georgia, and also the veterans from Korea, think about this story?
    We are curious to hear their view too.

  2. Keith, did you say Japan is our ally nation? I am from South Korea which may think I am bias but history is all truth. Japan is the country attacked Pearl Harbor on Sunday morning, I Will never treat Japan as an ally nation. Do you think Koreans are bullying the city of Brookheaven? I may have missed a lot.
    Now, people in Brookhaven can understand the Koreans if you just think your own daughters, sisters, and wives were kidnaped to the war fronts, thousands miles away from home and family by Japanese military and forced to take soldiers to rape them, by dozens every day rain or shine, sick or healthy. It is a sad but true history, and is not a non fiction story. Would you try to memorialize the sad history? Brookhaven citizens should proud to host the statue.

    1. Sunny Park: Let me spell this out for you: The US and Japan were enemies during WW2. BUT NOW THEY ARE CLOSE ALLIES AND FRIENDS. You seem to have a problem with that. Perhaps it is indeed a cultural difference between Koreans and Americans. I’m told many Korean families hold a grudge for at least 1000 years, and if they think you ‘done them wrong,’ they seek revenge on you, your children and grand-children. Americans remember the past, but they are able to eventually forgive and move on. Same with the Japanese.

      That said, you should mention that Korea was part of Japan from 1910-1945! And hundreds of thousands of Korean soldiers volunteered or later were conscripted to fight side by side with soldiers from the four islands of Japan. And don’t lie that Koreans were forced to fight, because when Japan called for volunteers more Koreans volunteered than there were positions to fill. Your former South Korean President Park Chung-hee was an officer in the Japanese army. And if you want Americans to remember Pearl Harbor, they will recall that many of the Japanese prisoner of war camps were overseen by Koreans!!

      One more thing. Your call to “Remember Pearl Harbor” is straight out of the Chinese Communist Party playbook. The CCP’sis doing everything in its power to undermine the security treaty between the US, South Korea, and Japan. China hates the military cooperation between US, SK, and JPN because it puts a check on its expansion plans. The treaty also keeps North Korea in check. You are being played by the Chinese Communist Party and North Korea, and doing their work!! The comfort women statue campaigns in America are designed to drive a wedge between the US and Japan (and to stoke the anger of Japanese against Koreans). Constantly reminding Americans to remember WW2 is all part of the plan. There are other Chinese campaigns to drive a wedge between South Korea and the United States.

  3. I agree with everything Keith said on the letter except for launching nuclear attack on North Korea.

    Local politicians go along with Korea’s claim and plan in order to unsure the votes.

    Therefore it is very important for residents to rise voice.

  4. What a naive comment Keith, do you think our U.S. Soldiers stationed in South Korea for Koreans only? Because we are stationed in South Korea, the U.S. border boundary line covers the Pacific.

    Do you think Japan is our ally nation? What kind friend are they? Friends don’t sneak, attack and kill friends like Japanese did at Pearl Harbor. What do you think?

    One more, would you keep quiet if your grandmother was kidnaped by Japansese military, and she was forced to let dozens Japanese soldiers rape her daily for two years, rain or shine?

    1. Sunny i feel that you are a good man.
      ROK and Japan are neighbors, and both should stand firm as allies of US to face North Korea and China.
      US-ROK-Japan: what a great alliance! What a great partnership!

  5. The fight against sex trafficking and violence against reason is a universal cause crossing all country boundaries. The cause to safeguard the human rights of all women is a timeless fight. The Comfort Women memorial highlights these issues permanently showing the entire world that the city of Brookhaven is a leader in the fight.

    1. Charity starts at home. If Brookhaven wants to do something about sex trafficking check out the booming sex market in Atlanta, and work with law enforcement to rescue trafficked women in the here and now, Here’s an article about the Atlanta sex industry.

      Erecting statues only gives the illusion that you’re taking a stand against trafficking. It’s an easy way to relieve your conscience and to get that warm and fuzzy feeling.

      As you said, sex trafficking is a universal concern. So it is strange that Brookhaven is supporting a statue that focuses attention solely on Japan 70 years ago. A monument against sex trafficking should not focus on just one country or one period in history.

      Trafficking is widespread. East European women are being trafficked all over the world. Southeast Asian women are kidnapped to make brides for single men in China. Nepalese children were kidnapped and trafficked during the earthquake confusion. There is plenty of trafficking into the US and Canada.

      To focus a statue only on the Korean comfort women confirms that this is a Japan-bashing campaign hiding behind women’s rights rhetoric! And why focus on trafficking in another country. It makes it look like the United States is hiding its own dirty laundry.

      Chong Dae Hyup (the South Korean organization spearheading an international statue campaign) plans to litter America with golden statues from sea to shining sea. America will soon be known for a chicken in every pot, a Korean comfort woman statue in every port! 🙂

      If Brookhaven folks want to take a stand against trafficking they should work with law enforcement or NGO’s that try to rescue trafficked women in Atlanta. Learn about the different kinds of trafficking — some is voluntary and some involuntary. Get to know prostitutes. Some might want to escape, but don’t be surprised if many of them reject your offer of salvation. Many sex workers paid traffickers big money to sneak them into the United States to earn a living, even though prostitution is supposed to be illegal here. And though they might be exploited by a pimp, they have no intention of going back home to a worse situation. Social workers and church volunteers have worked with prostitutes for years and have tried to rescue them from doing sex work, but to their surprise, most women did not want rescuing!

      Kelly, please don’t succumb to the smoke and mirrors that surround this issue.

    1. Ms. Kelly,

      The monument says “we are demanding Japanese government to admit state responsibility for Japanese military sexual slavery, make an official apology, and provide legal reparation to the victims. ”

      Violence against women……is this propaganda mantra for mesmerizing people to stop thinking logically with the clear facts based archives??

      Real human activists, not hypocratic political pro-activists, are busy to rescue Asian girls in Asia whom are exployted by international human trafficking agents.

      In South Korea, new pro-N.Korea president Moon demands Japan saying the same words as the above. Why you bring your home country’s political issue to the USA??

      Koreans fought against America and allies with Japanese, because they were Japanese at that time.
      In late stage of the war, when Japanese millitaly recruited in Korean peninshula, there were more than 60 times applicatts. Koreans never fought against Japan. They faought against America and allies.

      My old friend who was a journalist wrote that when he visited the 38 line between N and S, after the WWII, some N.Korean soldiers waived to him and approached him to enjoy talking in Japanese, But his article of this episode was banned by GHQ to up in newspaper.

      Also the supporters of this CW statue/monument are not peaceful. One of them is assasin to the American ambassador, let alone Japanese ambassador. He was not arrested and charged. Surprisingly, Korean people praised him, donating money to him. Korean stamps of heros, most of them are assasins to Japanese and American.

      To keep your community valuable high, safe and harmonius, I recommend you not to bring this political and hypocratic statue/monument at all.

  6. As a mother of two children, I would like to see something more inspiring in the park, instead of something so controversial, and divisive. It is really disturbing to find that the city is approving something like this. Do City counsel members have best interest for people in Brookhaven?

  7. The first Comfort Women statue was erected in front of Japanese Embassy in Seoul in December 2011.
    After 6 years the relation between Japan and S. Korea is improved – whether a peace is brought by the statue?
    The Global views of Japan by South Korea (Source: World Service Global Poll, conducted and published by BBC – UK) was 64-29 (Affirmative – Negative) in 2010. Over 60 statues have been installed all over the South Korea so far.
    The result of poll was reversed dramatically as below:
    64-29 (Affirmative – Negative) in 2010
    68-20 in 2011
    38-58 in 2012
    21-67 in 2013
    15-79 in 2014

    It’s obvious that the installation of the statue worsens the relations between Japan and Korea. The figure was improved in 2016 a little due to Japan-Korea Agreement made in December 2015.

    The statues have generated hatreds, bitters, grudges, etc., but never reconciliation, peace nor peaceful minds of the parties.
    Under plausible reasons like “human rights” and/or “Statue of Peace”, such stupid outcome should not be brought into Brookhaven by “seemingly innocent and girlish face of the statue”.

  8. The narrative of “Comfort Women” is completely fraud.

    It is sheer hypocrisy to say that the statue promote human right and world peace. Singling out Japan to blame for sex in the battle field is simply discrimination.

    I do not want to have a beautiful park in Brookhaven contaminated with a symbol of “Hate Japan.”

  9. I wonder if this is the same Keith Watkins that suggests we nuke hundreds of thousands of people:

    Japan and Korea are both allies. Shame on the newspaper for even considering to print such an out of touch opinion. Total lack of judgement from the editor.

    I dare you to google images of Unit 731 or read about such evils. Or read your history of comfort women. Go watch City of Life and Death by Lu Chuan about the rape of Nanking. You would not be upset over any statue remembering these events.

    1940s Japan was evil. Most of the people are long gone and dead. We shouldn’t forget what that society did. That society is not todays society. We should remember history because it repeats. This is how we do that.

    The statue is not offensive. It’s an opportunity to educate.

    1. Education….why Korea export so many babies for adoption to Western countries?
      It is my question for many years, It is appreciated if you teach me the reason,
      Is S.Korea Catholic country? How do you educate young people to produce babies for adoption??

      I agree with you, it is very important to educate people, you should erect statue of Tibetan, Uhyglu and South Mongolian people, now they are being perished by ethnic cleansing.

      Or you can erect the memorial monument to remember of 保導連盟事件 by S, Korean president Lee who massacred about 1200.000 S. Korean people.
      Also it is good to erect memorial monument to remember 金日成 who killed 1600000 Korean people. And the most evil king is Mao 毛沢東 Who killed 78000000 people.

      Let’s educate young generation to remember those evils not to repeat the same thing again!!

      Maybe we need Chinese human right activists’ and 法輪功 followers’ statue/monuments to educate young people that even now there is no human right in Communist China.

      We must erect the statue of those evils also to educate young generation to learn about human right.

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