The Fulton County Board of Commissioners’ June 21 vote to freeze residential property values at 2016 levels may not survive a potential legal challenge from the state Department of Revenue, some officials fear.

State Rep. Deborah Silcox.

State Rep. Deborah Silcox, whose District 52 includes parts of Sandy Springs and Buckhead, said she is “very concerned” that action will not hold up in court, due to the uneven application of the freeze to only residential, and not commercial, properties.

State Rep. Wendell Willard (R-Sandy Springs) previously said another potential weakness is that the commissioners’ freeze was based on an obscure 1881 law that might prove to have been overruled by later cases.

Both representatives advised residents who question their 2017 assessments to submit appeals. Appeals can be submitted in person or online until July 10.

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  1. Are you suggesting that we residents need to file another appeal even if we filed after receiving the first estimate…. It was published that the board was going back to 2016 and “would be disregarding any appeals filed”. So what is the rest of this story, file again, wait and see or get the lasted and soon… July 10 is the last day to appeal?????

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