A new bicycle path may be built in Mountain Way Common, a park created in 2015 on Mountain Way under Ga. 400.

The head of Friends of Mountain Way Common, Marvin Pastel, said there will be an on-site meeting with city representatives on July 10 to determine if the city will support the plan.

Pastel will meet with Sally Silver, District 7 Councilmember Howard Shook’s policy director, and Becky Katz, the city’s chief bicycle officer. A park designer working on the plan, Carlos Perez, will also be at the meeting. Perez has previously worked designs for segments of the Atlanta Beltline and PATH400.

Pastel said the plan is still in the early concept stage and does not have firm designs. But the general concept includes widening Mountain Way and adding bike lanes, benches and pedestrian walkways to the widened portion of the road. Flower pots or other plantings would be used to separate cars and the pedestrian area.