Marvin Pastel, the head of the Friends of Mountain Way Common group, said city officials responded favorably toward proposed bike lanes and pedestrian walkways on Mountain Way during an onsite meeting July 10.

The interactive street would provide connectivity to PATH 400 and Blue Heron Nature Preserve, and would serve the many bikers in the neighborhood, Pastel said.

Pastel and others involved with the plan envision adding onto the existing Mountain Way paved road for use by pedestrians and bikers. Adding benches is also a possibility, Pastel said. The two sides would be separated with planters or trees.

Pastel met onsite with city officials, including Sally Silver, District 7 Councilmember Howard Shook’s policy director, and Becky Katz, the city’s chief bicycle officer, who responded favorably to the plan. Six Mountain Way neighbors also at the meeting were on board with the plan, Pastel said.

The idea came about during planning for the Mountain Way Common Master Plan, which will be completed once it is determined whether the bike path plan will move forward or not.

Carlos Perez, the landscape architect who designed some Atlanta BeltLine trails, will draft designs of the bike path in the coming weeks, Pastel said.