Sandy Springs City Councilmember Ken Dishman will not run for re-election this fall, opening a race for his District 2 seat.

Dishman, who represents the city’s northwestern section, cited family and business concerns.

City Councilmember Ken Dishman.

“After much deliberation, I have decided not to pursue reelection to the Sandy Springs City Council this November,” Dishman said in a written statement. “It has been an immense honor to represent the citizens of District 2 and I will continue to work hard for all of Sandy Springs as I serve out the remainder of my term. Ultimately, my decision came down to prioritizing family and business travel needs, and allowing new leadership to step up to serve our great city.”

Dishman won the seat in 2013 by beating incumbent Dianne Fries in an unexpected upset.

Dishman’s announcement comes as northern Roswell Road, much of which is within his district, is targeted for redevelopment incentives in the city’s new zoning code and land-use plan. In his statement, Dishman acknowledged that long-awaited redevelopment is coming and said he is aware of one likely District 2 candidate who might see it through. He did not name the candidate.

“Looking to the future, my hope is that the voters will elect a new councilmember who will continue the ongoing efforts to spur redevelopment on the north end of Sandy Springs,” Dishman wrote. “I am already aware of a distinguished community leader who plans to run for this office, and that individual has indeed been integrally involved with those redevelopment efforts.”

The entire six-seat City Council and the mayor’s office are all on the ballot this November. District 4 is also an open seat, as incumbent Gabriel Sterling plans to run for another office and is actively campaigning for the still-unofficial race for Fulton County chairman. Some potential candidates have expressed interest in a District 4 run, but no official announcements have been made.

Incumbents who have announced re-election campaigns include Andy Bauman (District 6), Chris Burnett (District 3), Tibby DeJulio (District 5) and John Paulson (District 1). Incumbent Mayor Rusty Paul has yet to announce his political plans.

John Ruch

John Ruch is an Atlanta-based journalist. Previously, he was Managing Editor of Reporter Newspapers.

2 replies on “Dishman will not seek re-election to Sandy Springs Council”

  1. Kudos to Ken Dishman for announcing this far in advance that he will not seek reelection. In doing so, he opens the door for a contested open seat in which a number of candidates will no doubt come forward and present their competing visions for the future of Sandy Springs. This is exactly how it should be done. We have had too many political shenanigans since the city was incorporated in which Sandy Springs politicians have often treated their seats as their personal seat, quietly hand selected a successor and then announced at the very last minute their decision not to run so their successor will face very little competition. Ken Dishman and Gabe Sterling have both behaved like mature leaders by announcing early and they are to be commended. Hopefully they are setting a new, enduring standard for political behavior in Sandy Springs. I hope that if any other city council members or the mayor have decided they are not going to run again, that they would say so soon. Don’t hold your cards close in order to advantage your personally preferred successor. Let the voters in Sandy Springs decide.

  2. Anyone know what’s happening with the North Springs Center shopping center on Roswell Rd (where Big Lots used to be)? Ken Dishman used to do a newsletter where he kept us up to date on the progress of that shopping center and other projects, but he hasn’t done a newsletter since May. I will miss Ken keeping the community updated on the progress of all these projects.

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