The redesigned Atlanta Municipal Court website was launched August 1.

The city of Atlanta for the third time this year launched a redesign of a city website, this time the Atlanta Municipal Court website.

The redesign is similar to the main city website,, which was launched in late June. The Atlanta City Council also launched a similar redesign in March.

The new court website, which was launched August 1, now features the most commonly-used sections more prominently, including paying citations online and searching for pending cases and courtroom schedules.

“The new website is designed with citizens in mind and will improve the overall flow of information,” Ryan Shepard, the Municipal Court administrator, said in a press release.

The court website was last redesigned in 2014 when Atlanta was named a Code for America city, a fellowship that developed solutions to reduce wait times and make it easier to navigate the Municipal Court, according to a press release.

The old design of the Atlanta Municipal Court website, as captured by internet archival tool The Wayback Machine.