School bells soon will be ringing — on Monday, Aug. 7, to be exact — throughout Fulton County Schools to welcome back our nearly 97,000 students.

As superintendent of Fulton County Schools, I take seriously our mission to prepare students for their future.

Fulton County Schools Superintendent Jeff Rose. (Special)

My wife and I have children who attend our schools, one who is starting middle school and one who is starting high school. What I want for them is the same as what I want for all students — to have a bright future with many possibilities and for them to be prepared academically, emotionally and socially to pursue their passions and interests.

I am thrilled to be opening this school year with our newly developed Strategic Plan, which will serve as our foundation throughout the district. The plan describes our ultimate goal and what we believe are the most important elements of our identity. It will help ensure that all stakeholders in the community — from our school board, to principals, to teachers and staff, to parents and community members — are working toward a shared set of goals and priorities.

Led by our school board, last year we began what has been a year-long engagement process. We asked our community what it wants Fulton County Schools to be known for, and the responses helped shape our strategic plan goal: “We prepare all students to graduate ready to pursue and succeed on their chosen paths.”

We also have determined our plan’s four areas of focus: student achievement; people and culture; community collaboration; and fiscal responsibility.

Right now, I know our parents are focused on bus schedules, school supplies, teacher assignments, etc., but setting the course of our school system is critical and timely. To be successful and produce globally competitive young adults, we must have a guiding direction for our work. In the coming weeks, we will be sharing our new strategic plan with our larger community.

For now, I welcome you back to what will be another amazing school year. Join me for the ride!

Jeff Rose is the superintendent of Fulton County Schools.

One reply on “Commentary: In Fulton, a new school year and a new Strategic Plan”

  1. Mr. Rose,

    In the most recent survey, here in The Reporter, leadership was the second in a list of challenges facing schools.

    Your own number one area of focus is ‘student achievement’ yet you fail to mention students as even having a stake in the game in an above paragraph. The school year has started and your first assignment, a strategic plan to guide the school system, is weeks past due.

    You mention “community” yet schools grounds and the facilities paid for by all tax payers are locked, keeping the community out.

    How about the leadership learn to lead in a manner exemplary to the students not that causes pause to question why leadership so poor.

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