For a quarter-century, 4 Seasons Pottery has decorated local gardens with fountains and statues from its shop at Hammond and Boylston drives in Sandy Springs. Now, a season of change arrives for the family business, as the property is being sold to a commercial developer.

Kevin Farrell, left, is taking over 4 Seasons Pottery from Greg Godwin, center. Julio Castillo, right, a 20-year employee, is staying on. (John Ruch)

“It’s been a fun business,” said 4 Seasons owner Greg Godwin. But he’s found an even more fun line of work — the self-described “avid cyclist” is moving to Florida to run an electric bicycle dealership.

A deal to sell the property is in the works, with a closing expected in December. Godwin said he can’t reveal what the developer intends, but it’s a commercial project that would use the existing shop’s footprint.

Meanwhile, Godwin is handing off 4 Seasons to employee Kevin Farrell, who may move it elsewhere after the deal closes. Godwin says a new location likely would be outside the ever more expensive city.

Concrete lions from a Johns Creek country club flank the shop’s driveway on Boylston Drive. (John Ruch)

The shop is a memorable sight on Hammond Drive for its yard packed with statues and fountains. A pair of concrete lions, bought from the Country Club of the South in Johns Creek, currently flank the shop’s driveway.

The 4 Seasons operation runs out of an old house, painted a garden green and decorated with tiles, birdhouses and even a bull skull. Godwin’s father Ernest, a podiatrist, bought the house in the 1970s as his office. After a stint of renting the house to an antique shop, in 1992 Ernest started the 4 Seasons business. Ernest died in 2003 and “left me heir to the throne,” Godwin said.

It’s one of those funky, unique businesses that are fading fast in Sandy Springs as the redevelopment boom arrives. Neighbors once included a costume shop and a singing telegram business called Eastern Onion; both were displaced by a fire about 15 years ago and the spot is now a rear parking lot.

Godwin said the boom in townhomes and apartments is reducing his base of customers for garden decor. Then there’s the traffic.

“That’s been another thorn in my side,” he said. “It’s like, you ain’t seen nothing yet.”

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John Ruch

John Ruch is an Atlanta-based journalist. Previously, he was Managing Editor of Reporter Newspapers.