Brookhaven city officials pose with eclipse viewing glasses in anticipation of the Aug. 21 eclipse.

The city of Brookhaven is inviting the public to Brookhaven City Hall at 4362 Peachtree Road and all city parks to watch the Aug. 21 eclipse, the city announced Aug. 16.

“I invite one and all to join us at City Hall or at one of Brookhaven’s parks for a safe viewing of the eclipse,”  Mayor John Ernst said in a press release.

Eclipse effects will begin in Brookhaven about 1 p.m. and will peak near 2:30 p.m. The sun will be about 97 percent covered in Brookhaven.

The city is urging residents to only view the eclipse with proper eye protection. The city gave away 500 free solar eclipse viewing glasses to Brookhaven residents Aug. 16, but ran out within a few hours, city spokesperson Burke Brennan said. The city has no plans to order more, Brennan said.

“A common misconception regarding solar eclipses is that it is safe to look at the sun during the event due to the diminished sunlight; however, this is not the case. Looking into direct sunlight, for even brief periods, can cause eye damage and even blindness. For this reason, it is important to use special-purpose solar filters when enjoying the eclipse,”  Paul White, Brookhaven’s emergency management coordinator, said in a press release.