As Dunwoody voters elected Republican Georgia state Rep. Tom Taylor, who thought it prudent to drive four exchange-student teenagers at 72 mph in a 45 mph zone while being so sloppy drunk that he blew a .225 blood alcohol content with a loaded Glock strapped to his hip, then two weeks subsequent accepted a campaign donation from a liquor distributors lobbyist;

And Republican Georgia state Sen. Fran Millar publicly opposed new Sunday voting hours because they’ll primarily benefit African-Americans — then explained that he simply “would prefer more educated voters”;

And Republican U.S. Rep. Karen Handel vehemently opposed LGBTQ rights;

And the nation elected President Donald Trump, whose most memorable meme from the campaign was “I just grab them by the —–!”;

It makes me think that if I can scrape up the $360 qualifying fee, then my benign lunacy of wanting to ban adult cyclists from city sidewalks, establish a copperhead habitat, and legalize marijuana within the municipality should make me a shoo-in for Dunwoody City Council!

Gary Ray Betz

7 replies on “Letter: These days, it seems like anyone can win elected office”

    1. My public pondering as to whether I should mount a candidacy was more of a Swiftian slight at the mentioned elected officials – that even the village idiot would be a less ludricuous office-holder than they. I wouldn’t waste my money on a qualifying fee as I’m so far to the left that I would have made Trotsky blush – so there’s no way I’d get more than a couple of votes in a conservative Republican stronghold like Dunwoody. But I do thank-you.

  1. Gary, initial early voting was only in traditional Democratic majority districts. After I complained it was expanded. It’s called equal access. Yes I would prefer more educated voters and defined that as informed on the issues. Try getting your facts right in the future. Senator Fran Millar

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