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The Atlanta City Council voted Aug. 21 to establish a seven-member advisory committee to review and make recommendations on all city street names and monuments associated with the Confederacy.

“The recent tragic events in Charlottesville, Virginia, have brought renewed attention to monuments and street names around the country, with many elected officials, clergy and members of the public calling for their removal,” said City Councilmember Michael Julian Bond. “The City of Atlanta is known across the country and world for being a beacon of equality, diversity and inclusion. We believe it is important to review all city street names and monuments linked to the Confederacy in a thoughtful and intentional manner.”

The advisory committee will consist of three members appointed by the city council and four members appointed by the mayor. Committee members have the authority to appoint ad hoc members without council confirmation.

The committee has 70 days to make recommendations to the mayor and city council on the future of streets names and monuments linked to the Confederacy.

Collin Kelley

Collin Kelley has been the editor of Atlanta Intown for two decades and has been a journalist and freelance writer for 35 years. He’s also an award-winning poet and novelist.