Capt. Steve Rose, of the Sandy Springs Police Department, provided the following information, which represents some of the reports filed with Sandy Springs police Aug. 14-Aug. 24.

Capt. Steve Rose

400 block of Berkley Run — On Aug. 16, a 24-year-old woman reported someone entered her apartment during the night, while she slept, by forcing open a dead-bolted door. Her wallet, $400 cash, and credit cards were stolen. One of the cards was later used for $43 on XRT

8339 Roswell Road — On Aug. 17, a patrol officer checking the back of a business complex saw a damaged door handle and pry marks to the rear door of a business. Inside, there were footprints and a cash register had been thrown to the floor. The cash drawer was missing.

5501 Glenridge Drive — On Aug. 18, the victim said she was moving into the apartment and at some point left her purse on a table. About an hour later, she and the others in the apartment noticed the purse was missing. One of her credit cards was used at a gas station just after the theft.

300 block of Northridge Drive — On Aug. 20, cops were called to meet firefighters on a fire at a coin laundry. The officer found a brick inside on the floor and shattered glass from the door. A cash register was on the floor, drawers open, no money visible. The owner later said $150 cash was missing from the register.

8300 block of Roswell Road — On Aug. 21, the owner said sometime overnight, someone came into the business and took four security cameras, worth $100 each. The owner said the place was locked, but no forced entry was found.

7100 block of Roswell Road — On Aug. 21, a 53-year-old woman reported someone entered her apartment and placed a book on her sofa. The book contained an “account card” in a man’s name, which looked to be used as a bookmark.

7700 block of Roswell Road — On Aug. 14, a woman said she left her purse, containing her wallet, in a filing drawer, partially open. She left her office for a short while. At the end of the day, she noticed her wallet was gone.

5600 block of Glenridge Drive — On Aug. 14, an employee said she attended a meeting within the office, in a meeting room near the front. During that time, the front desk receptionist was away at lunch; however, they could see the front reception area from the office. She and others noticed a woman described as having long braids, flowing white shirt, white purse, wearing flip-flops, in the reception area. Later, the victim, while in her office, received fraud alerts from AMX. She checked her purse and found that her wallet was gone. A card was used at Atlantic Station for several thousand dollars. The store’s video showed a woman who matched the description entering and exiting the store.

400 block of Breakwater Ridge — On Aug. 14, a 53-year-old man reported that sometime between 9:30 p.m. and 11:00 p.m., his 2007 Range Rover was stolen. He said a man named Juan had the car for three days prior, doing body work for him, and returned the car home at 9:30 p.m. The owner then left until 11 p.m. when he discovered the car was missing.

200 block of Hilderbrand Drive — On Aug. 16, a woman reported that a check had been stolen from her purse, and later deposited at a bank in Sandy Springs. She and a coworker were working together on the date of the theft. The check reported stolen was made out to a woman for $647 and the coworker made the deposit of the stolen check. The workplace’s internal video shows what appears to be the coworker concealing something from the victim’s purse. The case was moved over to CID for investigation and warrants.

2090 Dunwoody Club Drive — On Aug. 16, a 27-year-old employee of a frozen yogurt shop said someone accessed the employee area and stole her wallet containing several credit cards, $200 cash, and some gift cards. Her cards later were used at several locations. The transactions occurred before she was alerted by the bank. Internal video shows a man going into the store and into the employee-only area. He was described as 20 to 40 years old and with scruffy facial hair.

5600 block of Roswell Road — On Aug. 17, a 25-year-old woman reported that while at her place of employment, a man came in, past an area restricted to those who are not employees, and wanted to use the phone. She stopped him and he yelled at her, then turned and left. She noticed that her phone was gone too. He was described as about 5’-8” tall, and bald.

2000 block of Spalding Drive — On Aug. 17, a tree service employee reported that someone stole three chainsaws, a pole saw, two blowers, two pairs of climbing saddles, two pairs of climbing spikes, and a climbing rope. He was working at the property and left the items unattended for approximately 2 ½ hours while he assisted other employees.

400 block of Greyfield Lane — On Aug. 17, a woman reported that her roommate “stole my stuff and tossed my room.” She said he took her computer, Jordan’s, Beats headphones, and her neck massager. The inside of the apartment had been ransacked.

700 block of Abernathy Road — On Aug. 18, the owner of a concrete company said his Kenmore flatbed truck and metal concrete forms were stolen. GPS showed the truck to be on Wayside Lane in Dallas, Ga. The truck was later found on the side of the road. It had been torched.

6350 Peachtree-Dunwoody Road — On Aug. 18, a 57-year-old woman reported she was shopping at a big-box store and used her debit card. She remembered putting the card in her pocket when she left. Later, she discovered that the card was missing. Later still, she found out the card was used at other big-box stores in Alpharetta. About $100 had been spent.

1400 block of Spring Creek Lane — On Aug. 18, a 52-year-old woman reported her Glock 22, valued at $300, was stolen from her apartment.

6300 block of Roswell Road — On Aug. 19, the staff at a medical spa reported a woman had $1,000 worth of Botox and fillers. At payment time, she said she left her purse in the car. She never returned. She was described as expressionless.

900 block of Brandywine Circle — On Aug. 22, a 35-year-old man said a package was stolen from his home. The package was delivered around 10:45 a.m. Shortly after, a skinny man got out of a dark vehicle and took the package, which contained AA and AAA batteries.

6690 Roswell Road — On Aug. 23, at a health club, a 61-year old man said between 7 p.m. and 7:50 p.m., someone took his gym bag, clothing, keys to his car, home, and business. The lock on his locker had been cut. Two other members said their locks were cut, but nothing was missing.

5555 Roswell Road — On Aug. 23, a 46-year-old woman reported that an acquaintance who helped her move into her apartment took her 1997 Ford F-150 truck and has absconded.

5580 Roswell Road — On Aug. 23, a 14-year-old girl reported she placed her book bag under the bench in the women’s locker room at a gym. About an hour and a half later, she returned to discover that it was gone.

An 80-year-old man reported that he and his organization, called Voices of the Sword, planned a mission trip to Israel. He found a website called and paid $23,000 up front for reservations. The confirmation said he would receive tickets anywhere from after the payment to a week prior to departure. Two days before departure, he was contacted by the company and told there was a problem with the airline and the tickets were cancelled. He spoke to a man named Fred who was the financial manager, who said a refund would be forthcoming. At some point, the victim began to suspect that his refund was in jeopardy so he drove to 10 Glenlake Parkway, Suite 130, where he was told the company, rented space there. His attorney did some looking around and found that the website was under the same name as the company rental agent. The person in question was the subject of several civil cases and had a bankruptcy on record. The victim ultimately spent another $28,000 to go on the trip.

This sound familiar? A similar fraud was reported from a church in Florida a couple of weeks ago. Same circumstances.

6600 block of Glenridge Drive — On Aug. 24, a representative for Ashton Woods Homes reported that between Aug. 21 and Aug. 24, someone took framing materials, valued at $20,000, from a work site.

A 66-year old man reported he posted an ad on Craigslist’s “Looking for Love” category, and received a response from a woman. She arrived at his home via Uber, and the couple danced, drank, and enjoyed their mutual company for a period. Later, the woman took the victim to the bedroom for a non-sexual massage. The victim said he passed out until about 3 a.m. when he discovered the woman was gone, as was his cellphone, camera equipment, and $480 cash. She was described as 5-feet-8-inches tall, medium build, in her mid-30s and with a tattoo on her left breast. She went by the name “Desire.”

Well, whatta you going to do? Folks, before you go looking for Desire, in the interest of justice for the victim, know that all these years in police work tell me that Desire may not be her real name.

5000 block of Cross Gate Drive — On Aug. 24, a 78-year-old woman reported her platinum ring with diamonds, valued at $10,000, was stolen from her bathroom dressing table drawer. She had two separate contractors in the home during that time who had access to the area. On those dates you’re having work done, especially inside work, remember that if someone wants to commit a theft, they’ll look in the obvious places, somewhere they can quickly scan and steal — such as a drawer or jewelry box. Make them unavailable. Just for that period, relocate those valuables where someone would have to look for a while to find them.

Thefts from vehicles
Between Aug. 14 and Aug. 23 there were 22 thefts from vehicles.

800 block of Cimarron Parkway — On Aug. 14, just after 9 p.m., patrol officers were dispatched to a suspicious-person call at the apartment complex. The caller said it appeared to be a drug transaction. He located two men standing around a car in the parking lot area. The officers spoke to the men, neither of whom had ID on them. One of the men said the car belonged to his brother. When asked if the officer could look into the car, the man declined. A K-9 was requested to come to the scene. During that time, one of the men took off running. The other remained. Cops found about 254 grams of marijuana and other items consistent with distribution. The car was impounded and warrants obtained for possessing the marijuana with the intent to sell it and for obstruction.

6400 Peachtree-Dunwoody Road — On Aug. 17, a home improvement store’s security officers detained two men they said left the store without paying for a cart full of power tools valued at $1,190. When stopped and asked to return to the store, the two abandoned the tools and attempted to leave. The police arrived about that time and the two were later arrested and accused in connection with the incident and jailed.

4600 block of Roswell Road — On Aug. 17, officers stopped a suspicious juvenile just after 2 a.m. He was well away from his home in Atlanta and he had two checkbooks, not his, and a screwdriver, a tool which often is used to pry windows and doors of vehicles. The officers at the time did not have enough for a warrant for the juvenile, so they took him home. The officers were able to trace the checkbooks to their owners who had reported them stolen. A drug store had video of one of the trucks that had been broken into, and showed the juvenile near it, walking away, just after the truck was broken into, and just before the officer stopped him. The juvenile has a record in Atlanta for breaking into cars. Later, after putting everything together, they were able to obtain warrants for the juvenile so they went to his home and arrested him. They did so, but the Fulton Juvenile Intake refused him. Without other options, they took him back home.

5600 block of Roswell Road — On Aug. 22, an officer said he was on patrol just before 10 p.m. when he was dispatched to check out a suspicious person. Minutes later, the officer saw the man twisting a street sign in what appeared to be an attempt to dislodge it. The man told the officer he tried to twist the sign off the post because he thought it was stupid. He was arrested.

8100 block of Colquitt Road — On Aug. 19, an officer was called to meet with a witness to a previous burglary when he spotted one of the suspects. The officer approached the subject in question, who was sitting in a car, near one of the apartment buildings. The officer recognized the passenger as a person who was being sought by police. He noticed the man hiding something in his hand. Despite repeated requests to show his hands, the man refused. The suspect eventually did show his hands, and the crack pipe contained in them. He was arrested and accused of disorderly conduct charges, pending the results of the burglary investigation.