The city of Brookhaven broke ground Sept. 28 on the new open field at Murphey Candler Park.

Shoveling the first scoops of dirt for the new open field at Brookhaven’s Murphey Candler Park are, from left, Shane Boyer from the Murphey Candler Conservancy; Parks and Recreation Director Brian Borden; City Councilmember Linley Jones; Mayor John Ernst; City Councilmember John Park; and City Manager Christian Sigman. (City of Brookhaven)

The City Council approved funding the 1.9-acre space in July that will include a walking trail along the perimeter of the park. The open space will also include additional seating. Total cost for the project is $591,203 and it expected to be completed early next year.

The council in July expressed surprise at the cost of the open field construction. Last year, the project was estimated to cost only $136,400.

The plan for the new open field at Murphey Candler Park. The price tag jumped from an estimated $136,000 last year to a low bid of nearly $600,000 this year. (City of Brookhaven)

Murphey Candler Park is located at 1551 West Nancy Creek Drive. The open space field is located at the corner of West Nancy Creek Drive and Candler Lake E.

Dyana Bagby

Dyana Bagby is a staff writer for Reporter Newspapers and Atlanta Intown.

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  1. What a great opportunity to erect a statue in this “open space”. There are many possibilities. How about a statue honoring the family who originally lived in the scout house which will be with us forever? Generally statues recognize people in the past but the current crop of Brookhaven leaders seem hard at work to qualify. It would seem hard to find anything more “worthy” than spending $600k to create an “open space” where one already exists. My personal favorite is Linley. You can’t count out some of the seasoned Conservancy members.

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