Henry H. Bierenfeld

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Henry H. Bierenfeld.

Occupation: Event Coordinator, East Lake Golf Club

Previous experience holding elected offices: None.

Other community service experience: I have worked as a volunteer for several local nonprofit organizations, including but not limited to The East Lake Foundation, the Atlanta Community Food Bank, the Giving Kitchen, the Community Assistance Center and Everybody Wins Atlanta.

What is motivating you to run for City Council?

I chose to be a candidate, in the 2017 election for Dunwoody City Council, District 3 to give back to the community I have called home for over four decades. I am motivated to utilize my longevity in our community to make a significant impact on our city.

What is the biggest issue facing the district and how will you address it?

The biggest issue facing the district is traffic. Additional intersection improvement for our main streets where congestion occurs needs attention. Synchronizing traffic lights for improved traffic flow that would ease congestion at peak traffic times is a must. Collaborating with our neighboring cities to implement a traffic plan that is consistent is essential. Cut-through traffic will continue in our community, how we ease that congestion is the issue.

Do you support creating more bicycle paths or multi-use trails in the city? What parts of the city should they cover?

I would support creating more bicycle on-road lanes that in high traffic areas have protection from vehicle interference. Riding a bicycle should be an enjoyable and safe alternative form of transportation. The parts of the city bicycle on-road lanes should include our local schools and shopping districts. Added multi-use trails should embrace a connectivity relating to our existing sidewalks and walking trails. Incorporating crosswalk flashing lights to provide better pedestrian access and safety in high-traffic areas from one existing or further multi-use trail or sidewalk needs upgrading.

What type of development would you support in the Perimeter Center area?

I will support fiscally responsible and prudent development in the Perimeter Center area. Traffic and continued development go hand and hand. The long-term effect that additional development projects add to traffic congestion needs consideration. A mixed-use strategy of office, retail and green space development needs to be our priority.

What policy or program would you support to preserve trees as redevelopment happens?

Trees are the lungs of the earth. Atlanta and its surrounding communities have the reputation as a city with a lush tree canopy. Our urban tree canopy is an asset to our community. The environmental benefits and aesthetic benefits trees provide should always be considered as redevelopment happens. I would support the ordinance amending Chapter 16, Land Development, Regulations, Article II, Tree Preservation, currently under consideration by our City Council.

What city service or program needs improvement? How would you improve it?

I feel that zoning and violations of zoning ordinance need consideration. As our community and our homes age, it is necessary to be vigilant of the appearance of our property and the properties of our neighbors. Stricter enforcement of our current zoning policies needs improvement. Nonconformity warrants corrective action in a timely fashion.