Jennifer Ide

Occupation: Attorney, Chief Legal and Privacy Officer, Rimidi

Jennifer Ide.

Previous experience holding elected offices: None.

Other community service experience:

I have volunteered with Morningside Elementary School, where I chaired the Local School Council and served as a representative on the Grady Cluster Planning Committee. I was a Girl Scout leader for many years. I have held leadership positions with the State Bar of Georgia, Atlanta Legal Aid and Georgia Association of Women Lawyers. I am a longtime member of Lutheran Church of the Redeemer, where I volunteer with the food ministry. I have done pro bono work through Pro Bono Partnership of Atlanta, Atlanta Legal Aid, Atlanta Volunteer Lawyers Foundation, Georgia Legal Services and Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights.

Why should the voters choose you for this position?

I am a native Atlantan, from a family of civic leaders and community volunteers. We are going to have a very new city government next year and need dedicated individuals who are passionate about improving the city and aren’t beholden to any special interests. As a lawyer, entrepreneur, parent and community volunteer, I have the experience, skill set and temperament to be an effective policy-maker, problem-solver and bridge builder on the Atlanta City Council.

What is the biggest issue facing the Buckhead section of the district and how will you address it?

The biggest issue facing the Buckhead portion of District 6 is traffic. Our traffic has been exacerbated, in part, by unbridled commercial growth. The city is on the precipice of significant growth, and we will not be able to accommodate this growth without a negative impact on our quality of life unless we expand transportation options and have an overall plan for the city.  We need a better mix of public transit options and streetscape designs that make commuting more efficient, walking and biking safer, reduce cut-through traffic, and make school zones safer for our children.

Are you satisfied with the Atlanta Police Department’s efforts to fight crime in the neighborhood? Would you suggest any other strategies?

The Atlanta Police Department is working hard to ensure the safety of our citizens. We need to continue to support them with competitive wages and the safety equipment and technology that they need. The Loudermilk Video Integration Center (VIC) has been an enormous benefit to deterring crime and catching criminals. We need to support its goal of 10,000 cameras by 2018.

What types of redevelopment and planning would you support for the Lindbergh Center area?

I support mixed-use development. To successfully have a transit-oriented focus, however, it needs to have all of the amenities a work-play-live community has so that residents have what they need in walking or biking distance. We also need to expand MARTA’s reach with more frequent bus/shuttle service so that people living in the Lindbergh Center area can be mobile without cars. Putting density on transit lines only works if people living there and going to that community to shop or dine use transit. We could do better in that area of having a more attractive streetscape.

Should Buckhead have more bicycle facilities, such as lanes or multiuse trails, and if so, what types would you support?

Yes. I support more bike facilities across the city, including Buckhead. Atlanta is slowly becoming a safer, more bike friendly city. Where it is feasible, we should install protected bike lanes or multi-use trails that are separate from vehicle traffic. Where separate lanes are not possible, we should make sure we have appropriate signage and other safety features, such as bike-specific crossings. I bike commute from Morningside to Midtown, and Atlanta is definitely making progress on making Atlanta safe for all of its commuters.